Still Life: Not motivated enough


My goal is to learn to improve learning to draw/paint the human figure, portraits and hopefully go onto to do more stylistic illustrations. This is as a hobbie (a serious one). I’ve been learning to do figure drawing for a long time and have improved.

However, while I don’t rate myself too highly, I can say I can draw the human figure well. (5/10?)

I’ve been doing still life recently as a way to brush up on some measuring techniques and to improve on shading. However, I find drawing inanimate objects boring. I’ve been recommended that I learn to do good still life and while I’ve been doing projects (online course, I don’t go artschool) I’m just losing motivation.

  1. Is it even necessary to learn still life? Or should I just continue drawing what interests me?
  2. How much time do I spend practicing it if it is?
  3. How can I motivate myself/keep things interesting?

Please don’t be afraid of being honest.

  1. endeavour, it benefits you in the long run.
  2. every day
  3. theres no such thing as motivation, set a schedule, stick to it.



Consider it scheduled! =]


How are you handling the still lifes? We would do them in my elementary school art classes and I always hated them. It wasn’t until high-school that I realized why. My early art teachers would just grab whatever was laying around and make us draw it. So you’d have fairly typical, boring objects like a lamp, a book, and maybe a vase or some art supplies.

In high school my art teacher went out of his way to make sure the still lifes were interesting and more challenging. Cow skulls, vintage toys, complex plants/flowers etc. That was a huge help as far as my interest in the went.

The next step was to look at the scene and draw it as realistically as I could while also changing how some of the objects were placed in the scene. It’s a fun challenge when you’re learning to still draw the scene realistically, while also moving the objects around in your drawing.


Sorry for delay from response.

“How are you handling the still lifes?”

I just draw any boring object I find. Really typical stuff like mugs, vases, cups, books.

Other than that, thanks for your advice I’ll certainly try and find objects interesting to me.

  1. Draw what interests you. Otherwise, you would just be unfulfilled of what you do. Perhaps even bored or unbothered.
  2. Every day! Whenever you can if possible
  3. I find that feedback and putting your work out there that allows others to see it keeps things interesting. Whether posting on a forum like or a creating an own website on a website builder like, having an audience which appreciates your work or constructively critiques it will keep you going and motivated.