still: Autumn


First Work I’ve Posted Here :wavey:

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this one. Thirteen hour render time… I need a faster computer. C&C welcomed as usual.


Verry nice. What program? 13Hours? :surprised thats a long time. Now the less it looks verry nice. Great job


ya 13 hours lol, say what app you are using and somone will give you tips on render cheats to get the same effect and avoid heavy render times…

nice lighting and realism… i think tho a couple brances are too strait… a few more bends and twists and you got it



3d Studio Max 6

Global Illumination, FOV, Opacity Maps, Bump Maps.
I don’t know what took so long. I’m guessing its the global illumination calculations with all the different leaves all having opacity maps to them.

My computer specs:
Athlon XP 2000+
512 MB Ram
GeForce4 Ti4600

Any tips on improving render time would be appreciated


Hey! That’s a really nice image! Congratulations! I think the leaf-shader is really awesome; can you post an image with that shader on a teapot or so? :bounce:

For improving the rendertime: I also have had the same problem… I’ve seen it’s especially about the FOV; you can speed up by rendering seperate layers witch you can combinate in Photoshop, and adding a ‘Gaussian Blur’ effect to it :slight_smile: You can find a tutorial for speeding up that FOV HERE . Good luck :wink:


Here’s the two leave shaders I used for the leaves. As you can see, nothing to special, one diffuse map and one opacity map.


I think like XsifoX and you can search a other composition, with a better read line. But don´t repeat the render, search a good friend. :smiley:

Good work



U catch the FX…!! nice…

it just you need to cheat the time…:smiley:

btw try to reduce the transsluency, cos, … the leafes start to turn blue…


I’m trying to cut down on render time, i’ve got down pretty well now, but I’m trying to add translucense now. Any way to cheat that as well?


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