StijnGrooten_#DrawCember sketchbook


Hi, my entry for day 20: wreath


My entry for day 21:

blustery ode to Winnie the Pooh


Cute cats, the wreath with cat is like a cute greetings card! :slight_smile:


Ok; now you’ve done it. I like your cat, now.
That face on day 20. I don’t even want to punch it.
And day 21 just looks like me when there’s a lot of wind. And also mentioning Winnie the Pooh ? Instant like :slight_smile:


Thank you Beatrix :slight_smile:


Hahaha! You just made me laugh out loud :smiley: yes, it seems that “blustery” means very, very windy. When you google it there’s a lot of Pooh references, and Pooh is just an awesome bear, so I though, let’s do this. :slight_smile:


These las tones are quite good! Like a lot your illustration style!


Thank you grafik. :slight_smile: I hope there will soon be a new challenge to keep up the pace.