Stick texture to clones which are affected by deformer problem! i tried all but found out not the best sollution


Hello community! I packed up the project you can just open and see what is going on there…

I just want stick texture on clones which are animated and deformed by some deformer at some time during animation…
What i found out is more frustrating i thought… the cloner has “Fix texture straight” on! but it is beheaving really veird, it seems that it starts do mapping of the texture on these clones at first frame i have set up in my project but it beheaving differently in viewport than in final render which starts always at frame zero…

That means that texture is mapped on clones always on frame zero no matter what… but i would like to be mapped for example on frame -50 as you can see in project bellow.

Please see the project file for better understanding, let me know because this drives me crazy, i spend two days on it to found out only this beheaving on my complex project.

THXFix texture straight problem.c4d (228.4 KB)