STFVIT #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Hey man!Congratulations on completing! Like a lot the more defined look on this last one!
It was a joy to follow your daily posts!
Merry Christmas!


Hahaha, your work puts a big smile on my face. I feel like I went on a journey with that ridiculously funny cast of characters.
They’ll haunt my dreams. No doubt about it.

Congratulations, and great job. Your last piece just pieces everything together.
Merry Christmas !


Yay you made it to the end! haha. I loved seeing your characters through all of this. Happy Christmas to you too :slight_smile:


Is that them for a group photo?

It is!

Glad you came up with this group. I want to know more about them too. Thread residents for sure anyway. Good work!


Great stuff STFVIT! Been a pleasure to be here with you and see your characters come to life :slight_smile:
I’ll follow you like a good stalker and do hope to see more of them in 2018
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Very Christmas spirit in the final piece~!

Enjoy your Christmas & thanks for the supports as well.


Congratulations Stefano! It was awesome to have those characters through all the thread! That crab always getting into top secret additional missions eh? :slight_smile:


Thank you all!:slight_smile:


Congratulations for completeing the challenge! I can see you made great progress throughout :slight_smile:
Day 19 is my favourite. Keep it up! Hope to see more from you in the future!
Happy Holidays!


Oh that is a nice idea with the meshup of all your work.
Those three are just such a nice team.


Congrats on completing the challenge, and Happy Holidays to you!


Congratulations Stefano!
It was a joy to follow your works! My favourite is the day 5. (i always knew the penguin is the boss. :))
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!