STFVIT #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


I agree with Mother-of-Zar! Ehehe
This last pieces are more colorfull, i’m loving it :slight_smile:


Your works never fail to put a big smile on my face XD
This is such an unlikely group in unlikely situations, and yet, it brings the big lulz everytime ! :smiley:


The holiday is over and our friends are back in action in the cold northern lands.
It seems that there are not authorized Santa Claus groups here.
Robot Penguin and his companions keep their eyes open!


Thanks again to everyone for the nice comments.:slight_smile:


I very like the snowman robot! :slight_smile: And of course the penguin! :slight_smile:


Oooh. The style is cleaning up. Been drawing all month I see.

Just like Beatrix, if you wind up with some story for these types, beyond this thread… maybe there already is one.

Well, let me know. I’m curious.


Ok we are close to Christmas Day and our friends do not want to be caught unprepared.
It’s great to decorate the tree together.
Jingle Bells … Jingle Bells …


Love this compostion! Really nice piece Stefano!


Everyone is waiting for something to fall or slip! Ehehe


Thanks guys, you’re always very kind.:slight_smile:


Again a happy picture with my favorite characters! :slight_smile:


Love the polar bear on this one ! And this little crew never fails to crack me up ! XD


the penguin has the most cheerful face :smiley: like him the best


Looks like the snowman has a quite captivating story there :). Nice work on the fire. I liked that entry quite a lot


I have to ask!! Where was the crab on day 20? On vacation :wink: ? I think they are all awesome characters…


for Gonzalo. The Crab was busy on a secret advanced patrol mission and could not be in the group.:slight_smile:


We are there … we have reached the end. it was a long run, tiring but fun.
For me it was an honor to share the drawings with all of you. Many thanks to all … see you at the next contest!
Our friends say hello and wish you a happy Christmas!:applause:


wish your characters too merry christmas. thanks for your entertaining little stories in your daily entries :slight_smile: really enjoyed them


I wish you and your funny characters merry Christmas and happy new year! :slight_smile:


_ Well Done_ _``~…Happy Christmas