STFVIT #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Snowman is still my fav :slight_smile:


Our friends took a day off!
Beach, sun and very high waves, who can want more?
The snowman is surfing hard, but the penguin and the bear do not seem to see it …


Hehe, even the crab is shocked :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved it! awesome expressions and really funny… :slight_smile:


Besides the penguin and the snowman the little crab has become my another favorite. :slight_smile:


Eheheh that’sa nice vacation : D
You’ve been adding more colour tones on the last pieces? I like this style!


your style is so funny :smiley: also with a touch of erotic :slight_smile: I like it very much :smiley: the characters are so well fitting together. I like the last one probably the best


Many thanks to all. I’m glad you like them.
I am really enjoying it.


Loved this last one :smiley: My favorite of all!


Day 18: SURF
Like the famous Big Wednesday movie, our friends ride the high waves
having a good time!


I want a penguin friend now haha. That is so cute!!


Very good anf funny! :slight_smile:


Your work gets better and better!


I can really see the colors are starting to pop more :).


It;s so important to have fun when doing art. You seem to do it well!


Thank you all for the nice comments.


After a day of surfing, our friends relax in front of a bonfire on the beach,
listening to the incredible stories of the snowman…


Funny picture and cute little crab! :slight_smile:


haha, at first I thought they are frighten the snowman could melt near the fire lol


Love it! Amazingwork on the colors!