STFVIT #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


I adore this penguin and I now adore this snowman (s2m2)! :slight_smile:


Ice Wars! Ahaha. Great stuff STFVIT


Maaan, these are so funny! Like the penguin treating snowman!


I’m liking the snowman more and more :slight_smile:


I don’t think the previous snowman survived… that penguin seemed vicious. In regards to Ice Wars, great idea! I will not be able to see Obi-wan in the same way anymore… lol


Day 13: ICE JOKE
We could not miss the tribute to Scrat of the great film Ice Age.
This time the penguin took something really big!


I love this penguin! Very good! :slight_smile:


Hah. Great expressions!


Come on guys! Winter is always more hot!
PN7 is a great player, but the goalkeeper is very clever!
Who will win?


The ball might take the goalie’s head off :smiley: Or the nose might pop the ball! I said it before, but I love these characters


I adore these foots in the soccer shoes! :slight_smile:


Day 15: SKI
Skiing while having a lot of fun!
…but the snowman is very fast!


The penguin always steal the show! :slight_smile:


it’s true.:slight_smile:
Thanks Beatrix


Oh man these last one are great! I like how you worked thecolor on the ICE JOKE.


Ahaha! You always make me laugh with this :slight_smile:
Great stuff man


It is beautiful! all of them! Cna you post how you make that effect with the ice? what type of brush do you use? :slight_smile:


Many thanks to all.
Hi Gonzalo. I used various brushes of a drawing program called Alchemy (an open drawing project) + the brushes of the drawing program Mischief (The Foundry).
I love these software and I try to use them as much as possible.


Day 16: ICE SPY
it’s time, when the going gets tough, the tough start playing!
Penguin … James Penguin is his name!
Let the mission begin!


I think the characters work even better together with each other. It show the creativity and their difference very much when they are all in the same artwork :slight_smile: simply love them