Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Looking super great as usual. Can’t wait to see how all those gears and mechanisms translate in animation.

I have to say you’ve got a strange proportion on the head. It seems to big for me.




gosh you da man tyson…you da man. inspiring stuff

that model looks wicked. ya that head is pretty big for me but i guess it works with the style of the character you had. those gears are awesome!
cant wait to see it done…good stuff.


Hey guys!

Just popping by for a verbal update…I’ve got 32 more shots done since my last animation update, and I’m nearly at the end of animating. Probably another 15-20 shots to go. Right now I’m animating a scene with the mechanical man and the main character fighting over the bucket of water, and after that, all that’s needed to be done is showing the main character overcoming the mechanical man, drinking the water, and then transforming. I’m hoping to get to the drinking-the-water scene by the end of the weekend, leaving next week for the transformation sequence and then Feb 1-3 for audio. It’s going to be tight, but I think I can do it :smiley:

So far, the whole animation is ringing in at around 2:40, which means the final thing will probably hit the 3:30-4:00 mark…quite a bit longer than last year’s “Matrioshka”, which was around 1:30. Wish me luck!


Mate you don’t need luck! you have the most important thing: talent!

Can’t wait to see the final :slight_smile:


Thanks Gerard…was sorry to hear that you’re dropping out of the race :frowning:

Well…I thought I’d post a playblast from a shot I’ve been working on since I won’t be posting any renders for a while. Won’t make much sense out of context, but you get to the see the mechanical man moving :smiley: (2.5mb)


man, I’m really sorry for the mess in my thread, I really don’t know how to stop it…

anyhow, great job you did here!

this is one of the few pieces where I really feel the characters alive. you have that magic touch, great skill.
hope you will manage to finish it as you intented it…

looking forward to see it done!


The last shot looks great, very nice to see the mechanical man in motion. You are working so fast, you produced so much animation in such a short time, great work. Hope you will finish it in time! Goodluck finishing it all up!! Looking forward to the final animation!



T its beautiful. you’d better be submitting this to siggraph this year :stuck_out_tongue:


You are owning this challenge!
Looking forward for the whole animation.


Rad playblast man. I love the expression on the face of the robot. I love the camera work too.



Cool, I really fell like the robot has been a man/human whatever before. Its nice executet.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Verbal update…I just finished up shot 86…only 4 more shots to go and ALL animation is done!!! Which means I’ll have the weekend and Mon/Tues/Wed to do sound/making-of/trailer.

Oh…and the whole thing is about 3 and a half minutes long. Almost triple what last year’s submission was!



Good courage the final steps man…

just a question, is it the 3 things, film + trailer + making-of must be together on the same film ?

(I always have mush problem to understand english :hmm: )


Well…I JUST finished up the last of the animation :smiley: Now it’s time for sound design!

The final film rings in at 90 shots and just under 4 minutes. I think you guys are going to like the transformation sequence :smiley:


i’m very curious!

but say, isn’t the limit for the whole video under 3 minutes?


Nope…that’s just a recommendation :slight_smile:

We do not enforce a maximum length for the full length video but we strongly encourage you to keep to within 90 sec - 3 min. Quality is far more important than length.


ah ok

good for you :wink:

didn’t see that part


How did I miss your thread - don’t understand it!

Love that robot, nice animation on it too. very ctreative way the face is constructed and fecial expressions are carried through.
On the other hand, the man could use some more love - if you will have time…

Nice job, hope to see it finished :slight_smile:


Hehe thanks musi,

Yes there’s lots of things that I wish I could go back and improve :wink: But the challenge is 3 months long…not a year! :beer: I’m sure you guys are feeling the pressue now too eh? Although judging by your thread it looks like you’re just about done!

I’m about 25% done the sound/music design. I’m hoping to finish it up tommorow…that’ll give me Monday/Tuesday to do the making-of and trailer. Phew!


Body of clockwork man looks impressive:)