Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


First of all Tyson you are insane! I am loving your animation. Above all I think the cinematography is very well thought! Its really those cases that 1+1 isn’t 2, the whole is so much better than the parts! I would love though if you could post more development stages rather tan just showing the final shot composited and everything… you obviously have so much to share and I think it would be very nice if we could get some “making of” on the lights, shader, modeling, rigging etc.

Keep on the good work! We will probably see you among the winners!


Nice shots,nice composition cool animation! You did it again! Best of luck to you man!:bowdown:


I like your animation and mood, can’t wait to see the final movie!


Yea, I’m gonna join the applause :slight_smile: It’s awesome.

Keep it up.


Very cool. I like what you’ve done so far. Its really encouraging to see someone who knows about every part of the process to make something that looks complete. I really liek the camera work.



Everything looks amazing so far Tyson… Great work man… I love your lighting work most of all… Good luck


It will be hell of a job to keep up with this level of perfection. :thumbsup:
Really sweet stuff you got there!

Best to you,

Cmdr. Pi


amazing stuff as usual, but what realy makes me nuts is your speed doing stuff.
Seems like you have the entire final result inside your mind (pixel by pixel) and you just let it flow to your computer, just like that.

im looking foward to se more stuff and specially more “making of” stuff.

this chalenge must be yours man.


I Agree.
Come on tell us your secret! Your production speed is not of this world! :wink:


Nah, nothing really special about my workflow…all my scenes were modelled/lit/shaded so that very little tweaking has to be done on each individual shot…and since the environment is very “contained”, there’s not a whole lot of extra fluff to worrry about.

I’m really in a crunch now…considering the deadline is 3 weeks away and I’ve got like a minute of animation left to do :D. I’m almost at the 2 minute mark now though. I’ve finished 12 more shots since the last update…already past the shot where he steps on the rat…he’s just coming across the mechanical man now :slight_smile:

I still plan to do that “Record my workflow” thing, but I’ll probably wait until the competition is over to do it.


I said it before and I will say it agin T has clone of himself, I tried to buy a few but he doesn’t want to sell any :stuck_out_tongue:


Started on the clockwork man today. I’m making sure he’s got lots of moving parts so that there’s always something clicking or ticking or spinning on his body.

*edit: oh damn…the cguploader shrunk the image in half…oh well, hopefully you can still make out some of the detail :wink:


Limbs done…just gotta mirror them and do the head now :slight_smile:


That looks pretty detailed man!:applause:
Can’t wait to see it textured and moving!


Almost done :smiley:


Nothing to add than superb ! :applause:


K…I’m considering his model done :slight_smile:

Rigging/Texturing time!


And looooking good!


wow tyson, this really gets crazy :wink: the clockworkman is great!
will you soft-weight the areas around the joints for animation?


The dude is gonna be a blast when you texture them. Can’t wait to see this one rendered out and in action.
And yeah, only 2 weeks left, kinda! I’m so stressing out right now.

But doing the impossible is where the fun comes in.

cheers and good luck on the resting shots.