Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Thanks Tyson… It seem I’m learning actually… :wink:

congrats man… just much pleasure to see you working :beer:


T how am I suppose to compete with you, you have clones of yourself to help you :), you almost have 30 shots I have 3 done (soon to be posted)

That rat is awesome :slight_smile:


Hey Tyson, you’re a real inspiration. It’s always great to see someone master all the parts of a 3d production.

I’d love to be once over your shoulder in your typical day work.


PS: this time I’d love to see a detailed explanation of all the key shots (techniques, animation, work phases, lighting, compositing). You should really record yourself during this challenges :smiley:


Just wanted to update the thumbnail, since when I posted the actual vid the cguploader wasn’t working.

So, see my last post for the animation update :slight_smile:


I know I can’t really add to what has been said already… but wow… your work is so beautiful and well executed. I am not sure how you are completing this all on your own. Very impressive!


Thanks guys!

Gerard: ah I forgot to respond to your offer there about the ram :wink: It was a 2 gig stick of DDR3 ram, however…I switched up the placement of the ram in the ram slots…moved them from a,c to b,d…and now I haven’t had a problem…so I guess the mobo was faulty but it’s all good now! No BSOD in a few days :smiley:

Liquid: Ah it’s all suuuuuper simple actually…animation for any given shot only takes around 1-2 hours. I make use of the max noise controllers A LOT on all my rigs. For example, the rat…has maybe 10-15 keyframes on it’s whole body. A little head tilt, a little body tilt, the tail swing…that’s about it. The rest is subtle noise controllers. As for the main character, I’ve got noise controllers on his head, his torso, his hands (when they’re not planted)…they’re not shaking things everywhere, but that’s where all the subtle sway comes from. Having these options speeds up the animation process incredibly, because I can leave the smaller motions to the procedural controllers, and just leave the bigger actions to my keyframes.

Same with the cameras…I setup the framing, set a couple keys, and leave the rest up to a few layers of noise controllers. Usually I’ll have 2 or 3. One driving the jittier shakes, the other driving the subtle swaying. Makes life much easier when the work can be done using automated controllers!

Before I render I’ll usually tweak the lighting rig to fit each shot as well. In Matrioshka, I really didn’t tweak the lights much. I setup a static light rig and just used it for every shot. In this one, I’ve tried to be more careful…making sure my fill and key lights are lighting things properly in each shot, while maintaining continuuity with the other shots.

Rendering is the longest process. Each shot has a few passes…essentially beauty, ambient occlusion, hair, fire and sparks. The beauty pass usually takes between 2 and 5 minutes per frame, the AO pass about 1-2 minutes, the hair pass about 3 minutes and the rest are much quicker. I’ve only been using 2 machines to render everything, and sometimes only one because I have to use my main workstation for other things. So usually I’ll animate 1-2 shots in a day, then kick them off and comp them the next day.

Comping only takes about 5 minutes per shot, because I’ve got a template setup. It’s not like I’m doing anything really complex in the comp either. There’s a bit of glow, a bit of color correction, some of the shots have a few things patched up like the character’s eyes and what-not…that’s about it.

I think you made a good suggestion though…sometime in the future on another shot I’ll try and record the animation process and do a walkthrough of the comps.


lightning and camera animations are absolutly brilliant :applause:.



Wow! Tyson your project is amazing! Cameras, lightning and frame composition - brilliant (agree with visionmaster2).
Good luck!


hey T great to see you entry! As always Everything is perfect.:buttrock: You made rats and other insects so real with animations, lighting and rendering.

Looking forward to more!

All the best, dude! :thumbsup:


Impossible for me to post a intelligent comment yesterday after seeing the video…

I was totally breathless… it’s especially what I will be able to do…

the most apprecied is how comes the story… and your damned good framing… top notch man :thumbsup:

I can’t crit something, I will be not totally objective as I appreciate much the global animation…
…the mood make much… especially with the living lighting… more of natural… surnatural pleasure for my eyes…

and it’s again not very constructive… I know… but… :smiley: hahahaha

have a nice creative day man !


Wow! Incredible stuff. I love the camera work, and the slight ‘jittery’ movement that everything has. Its almost got an ‘over cranked/under cranked’ feel, like an old silent film.
The creatures movements are top notch, especially the spider.
I love the rat in the background, running up the plank. That moment of hesitation as he starts up is just so subtle, yet adds so much.
Also, the way that the crickets feet are slightly slipping on the smooth surfaces…just incredible detail in their movement!

I’m very interested in how you achieved his hand wiping off the sign? The dust is Fume, or PFlow, I’m assuming, but the actual texture…how on earth did you do that?

There are certain small things that I love in the motion. I love how asymmetric his movements are…for example, how his one hand is almost flat against the rock, while the other actually grips the side. I know I’m sounding a little fan-boyish here, but as I’m only just getting into animation myself, to see those details coming out is really incredible.

When he lent over, i was seriously expecting him to spit. The coin flip was fantastic!

My only suggestion is to perhaps linger on the sign for an extra second. It goes by so quickly, and so much happened before it, that your brain kinda brushes it off.

Incredible artistry! I literally cant wait to see more!


That would be some real interesting viewing if you did capture the screen matey. Hope you can do it! Downloading your latest shots now, cant wait!


I would love to know the secret behind your speed Tyson. How much of already made props/characters/rigs you are using here if there is such a thing, how many hours you spent already on this, how is your personal life doing these days…? I am looking at the stuff you have made so far and asking myself what am I doing wrong(?)… I can´t really call you “my professional idol” since I really don´t know how stuff works around you, but you are producing results that are just great. Keep it up :thumbsup:


I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but there’s a typo in that text on the board. It’s “LA fuente de la vida”, not “el fuente”. Just sayin :wink:

other than that, very impressive work. Best of luck to you!


Oh thanks critinager…haha…I did the translation with google’s translator…hence why it’s not perfect :wink:

I’ll fix that :smiley:


Hey Tyson.
Looking great as always, when it comes from you.
Especially the lighting/shading is really great. A lot of atmosphere and mood. Very good.
The animation seems a bit, ehhmmm… jagged I think it’s called? It could be a bit more smooth I guess, but it all comes down to time, and I know there’s not a lot of that left.

But it’s not a lot, just thought I’d mention it.
Besides that, I really enjoy following the process. It’s gonna be a great short when it’s final, that’s for sure.


Great work!!
Impressive animation and render!!


WOW!! WOW!!! Tyson, stunning work man , i love the camera work/dof!!

Can’t wait to see the final piece!! :buttrock: :buttrock:



wow Tyson, you’re stunning man, the rats lookslike from a real video footage, hahahaha, love it, way to go man, can’t wait to see the finish version of your video, keep it up dude


this rat looks damn good , so real :smiley: , anyway keep it up :wink: