Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Nice action,nice shots! Very nice animation! BRAVO!:bowdown:


Great progress mate!
I wish you all the best and merry christmas!


Just already great… I don’t know what could be better… I’m really speechless at this point… I’m afraid to discover the final film… afraid… but Impatient anyway… merry christmas man :thumbsup:


Hey Tyson.
It looks really good!
I love the lighting/rendering part.
Animation looks just right as well.

Great work! :slight_smile:
And marry christmas


more shots! woo! keep crankin’ em out T, it looks fantastic.


Woah! I’m wonder really how you can do all this great jobs in one Tyson!
Great job buddy, great job :cool:

keep it up man, :wip:
Merry Christmas btw, :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all as well!


This is really looking great !! especially the good texturing together with dof, grain and aberrative blur make it look so real in some shots !
can’t wait to see more !
Merry Christmas


thanks for this update T, great holiday present for all of us :smiley: really lovely shots you’ve got in here too. can’t wait to see this piece finished :slight_smile:

not much to crit other than that when the light gets clsoe to the rock texture it kinda gives away its 2d-ness by blowing out the color so much. really only noticed it around frame 520.

the character animation is especially great, his face movement when he realizes there’s something beyond the cave wall felt really convincing, oh who am i kidding the whole thing is awesome.


Wow Tyson. Incredible subtlety in his motion. I’m only just starting out in the animation side of things, so can really appreciate just how much skill is involved in something as basic as an emotive walk cycle, let alone something with as much action as when he smashes into the wall!

I’m loving the look as well. I don’t know if its intentional or not, but its got a very ‘stop motion, claustrophobic’ feel to it. Really fun to watch, just from a technical side!

Something I was thinking about (assuming you are going from your first posted script draft), is that the ‘mechanical monster’ shouldnt necessarily be completely ‘petrified’ or paralyzed when the guy walks in. I think if you had to have a shot, even of just a few frames, showing his eyes moving…following the explorer into the cave…
There is a reason behind my thinking! I think that it would be a lot more of a scary fate to think that he had been trapped inside that body for those hundreds of years, fully conscious and ‘alive’, yet unable to move…and as such, the fate of our hero is a lot scarier as well.

Keep the shots coming! And merry merry Christmas. :smiley:


T sometimes you really p*** me off :slight_smile: (I was born to early, lucky you was born at the right time to take advantage of technology, at 14 my computer had 1k of memory lol)


Merry Xmas old friend :slight_smile:


Pyke: You know, I really like the idea of the eyes watching him from a distance…would definitely create some tension. I think I’ll try to work that in.

Gerard: Haha…well speaking of memory, one of my sticks died today :frowning: I’m down to 2 gigs.

Merry Christmas guys!


Oh and ben…haha thanks man yea I was having trouble with that. I might go back to those problems at the end if I have time.


great shots ! the level is high now !



Hi, Merry Christmas to you too Tyson, great update you’ve got there man, your scene always give us inspiration… :slight_smile:


What kind of memory might have one to send you, by the way my favorite shot is that expression when he sees the well :slight_smile:

#117 (26mb)

Hey guys,

First off…cgsociety uploader isn’t working right now…so I’m kinda bummed since the little thumbnail won’t update, but anyways…

Lots more shots! Some things have changed as well. You should notice right away (if you read the story synopsis earlier in the thread)…that the animals are no longer “frozen” when the main character first walks in.

There are several reasons I’m having them alive:
-The way I’m building up the first rat kill, I decided it would be better if everything seems normal before we see the first sign of clockwork
-With the deadline approaching fast, I just don’t have enough time to work on the shots required to give enough attention to a frozen environment on camera without confusing the viewer
-The whole “eternal life” thing would be kinda contradicted by those who drink from the well being frozen

As for the rest of the short, I’ve modified the plot a little and it’s essentially going to go like this:

-Guy listens for splash after tossing penny down well
-Guy hears splash, and nearby rats begin shrieking
-One of them runs up to guy, and he crushes it (as per original storyline)
-He sees clockwork remains, looks suspiciously around, then goes searching for bucket to retrieve water from well
-finds rope, and follows it along until he comes to the end of it…it’s tied to the bucket that the dark clockwork figure is holding
-he tries to take bucket from figure, figure lurches forward and grabs it back
-there’s a struggle, however the man pushes the figure to the ground and quickly retrieves water from the well with the bucket
-just as he’s about to drink, clockwork man crawls forward and grabs man’s ankle…man almost spills all the water from the bucket, but barely manages to drink a few sips before the bucket falls from his hands and the water splashes out onto the ground
-man grabs staff triumphantly, and walks over to clockwork figure on ground. Takes staff, and crushes the head of the clockwork man
-as he’s smashing the clockwork man’s head in, he suddenly feels strange, and looks down at his hands. There is something moving under the skin
-Suddenly…cogs, pistons and steam starts to emit from his flesh. As his grotesque transformation begins, he looks down at the clockwork man, then over at the clockwork rat, and makes the connection
-It’s too late though, as he’s already begun his full transformation…he stumbles around, and we cut to black

That’s about it…fairly different than what I had in mind earlier, but there’s just not enough time to work on more character development of the clockwork man, or the environment. Only like 3 weeks left! Ack!


Very impressive! I do kinda miss a close-up after the shot where he wipes the dust of the sign, I’d like to see the reaction to his discovery. There’s probably no time left to add anything… Anyway , you’re doing great, I cant wait to see the endresult!



go T go! the new update looks great. especially the insects/rat.


damn T. if this is the type of quality you make for a contest with tight deadlines…i’d sure like to see some of your personal projects with not so tight deadlines…oh wait. i already have! :smiley: just a peek at least. :smiley: crazy update man, impressive as always. rspk! :thumbsup:

are you gonna add sound effects and music?