Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Heya T

Was looking at it again earlier

2 things jumped out

first weird thing happening on the close up, a black stain on the eye when it close

second the hands SSS compare to the head, head looks good, hand look like wax

and I still love the camera on last scene :drool:


Thanks man! And yea…a few other people pointed those errors out, so since then I’ve gone back and tweaked the hands and fixed the glitches around the eyes.

I’ll be posting another update in a few days…have about 4 more shots to do before the intro sequence is done, and the guy is at the well.


Dammit Tyson…post stuff already! I think I’m more looking forward to seeing your posts than my own final animation!


By the way what was that black glitch in the eye?


It was the eyeball poking through the skin…an easy fix :smiley:


hehehe been there a month ago :slight_smile:


Hey man, I was browsing around and found something that instantly made me think of your story.

I know you are probably well on your way with the human machine steampunk dude, but still, every little bit helps. :smiley:


This stuff is looking really sweet Tyson! I’m very excited to see what you come out with as well as how the story develops into a final.


Happy birthday T :slight_smile:


holy cow, happy birthday T now lets see an update, woo!


Dude, that’s some really pretty stuff you got going. For some reason, the animation and the rendering style reminds me of some sort stop motion stuff. Really, your rendering though, is insane! Two thumbs up from me! :bounce: And speaking of which, what renderer do you use, and what kind of shaders?

Anyway, keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Hey guys,

Thanks for stopping by!

[color=White]Pyke T[/color]hanks a lot man…that’s a great ref! Will definitely be using it once I get to modelling the clockwork versions of the characters!

Stellats Cheers mate :smiley:

Gerard thanks man :wink:

Ben Thanks! Update coming fairly soon…

Angroc Thanks! I’m using Mental Ray for pretty much everything :slight_smile: No GI…just a couple of mr Area Omnis

Update coming in a few days…3-4 more shots before I’ll post it. I’m working on shot 16 now (last update was up to shot 3), so it’ll be a fairly large update!


Shot 16! Fast as usual…
Looking forward to it.Wish you luck and hope you win this time mate!


cant wait to see your work. !


The animation looks top notch. Im worried now, I mean whats the point in us continuing? :slight_smile:
Brilliant stuff.


This is looking amazing! Cant wait to see more mate. On a side note, do you think you would ever find the time to produce a quick mental ray tutorial? Your renders look so real and no matter how many times I go through the manual I cant seem to achieve the same results. Your previous tutorials have been superb and I often refer back to them. This would be yet another great one to add to the library. Anyway, keep up the good work buddy!


perfect man, bery close to pro-production level. Keep such quality up and push it to the end won time, this gonna rock :slight_smile:


Very impressive. Excellent mentalray usage.


Hey guys…long time no update :smiley:

It’s been tough finding time to work on it, but luckily it’s the rendering that takes the longest, so I have my renders going in the background while I do other things. Although, I’ve only got 2 computers here to render with, so it’s still a hassle.

Still a lot to go too. I’ve revised the story a bit, and changed the order of events a little. The clockwork man in the well room isn’t going to get up on his own and warn the guy. Instead, the guy is going to see the well, and notice that the water bucket is gone. He’ll look around and find the clockwork man huddling in the darkness, holding the bucket and preventing the man from taking it. That’s when the struggle will break out.

It’s gonna be real tough getting this done. There’s probably about 2 more minutes of animation to do, and I have 1 month to do it. I’ve still got characters to model (both clockwork men, the rodents/insects) and possibly another human character if I decide to go for an ending similar to the one described in the original plot summary. Yipes! Wish me luck :smiley:

Your comments and critiques are appreciated, although I don’t have much time for revisions at this point…gotta keep trucking forward! (30mb)


Oh btw I should mention, during the part where he puts his ear up against the wall to listen, he hears some mechanical noises behind the wall, hence why he decides to try and break it down. Obviously that isn’t apparent in the video because there is no sound yet :slight_smile: