Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


wouhou T nice work

I love that camera movement when we see him from the back :drool:


I hate you. :frowning:

Amazing so far! It looks like it was shot on a miniature set…very cool! Looking forward to seeing more!


very very cool animation! I don’t know if thats intended but cause of DOF it looks like miniature world


OMG! You are really FAST :slight_smile: Some bugs on mesh deformation (arms) and eylids/eyeball intersection… but overall impression is cool so far :slight_smile: Don’t loose your quality for the price of speed…


Amazing, respect!!
Looking forward for the fun part with the well :))
Keep it up mate.


Wow, looks like finished piece to me! Great job!

Reminds me Tomek Baginski`s Cathedral :slight_smile:


it hurts…
Great job ! The lighting is so amazing, everytime you do something…
a bit of improvment on sss and it will look really nice !


Really nice,composition animation,atmosphere,VERY GOOD JOB!:buttrock:


cant believe you have already started animating, you are truly a machine tyson!!

have you got an automatic rig or something?



Good job! Are you done yet :wink:


Hey Tyson!
Really awesome start dude! :beer:
Keep it up!Great animation! Lovely!!
Thanks for stopping by in my thread! Really appreciate that!



i was hoping to see a tyson ibele entry, cant wait


Wow, you are putting us to shame! It’s really looking great.


oh man…and here i was about to join in…i’ll see if i can catch up over winter break…

the hand looks too waxy…
other than that, i hate you.


Very nice model, animation and render!!


Fantastic job so far! I specially dig your story! Very cool, very poetic, its not character based (the myth is about a fountain) and yet the way you wrote it fits the steampunk context nicely!
I would like to make a minor comment, at the end of the story it would be very much cooler if instead of just picking up the scene you used before and use it again for the arm grabbing scene, you could use the same action but the young boy character and the one holding his arm could be different, I mean not the exactly same scene you used in the middle of your short movie… so you can get this feeling of a thing that is starting all over again but maybe this new young man reaction could be different this time changing the course of things… know what I mean?

Anyway great work on the mood and animation so far… everything is very concise and well done! Fantastic story!


ah! share more wip with us Tyson! I afraid if u just came next time with finished work that will rox and kill all the hopes for me!!
Btw I’m agree Fabio though alil,

Goodluck buddy


Hey Fabio,

Thanks for the comments bro! And yes, I’ve been rethinking the ending a bit…I like your suggestions too. I haven’t come to a full understanding of what I want to happen at the end yet, but I don’t think it’ll be the same as what happened in the script that was posted in this thread earlier :slight_smile:

Hey mim,

Yea man don’t worry I’ll be posting updates soon :wink: It’s tough to find time to work on this project recently because of a big project on-going at work, but I have finished a few more shots since the last update (4 more shots are done)…I’ll post an update once I get to the point where the main character arrives at the well…I think I’ve got about 5 more shots before that happens.


my team member give me a link for a video compositing tutorial and a render pas tutorial, and it happens to be your site o.O

wow man we are fighting the teacher… hahahahhaa, its a nice stuff you’ve got here man, Amazing, respect!! Salute!! looking forward to see more of your stuff


WoooOoooOoW, you’re really fast
nice rendering and models, and i love your character.
cant wait to see more!

keep it up!