Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Great stuff Tyson. Awesome work on the short hair.

I’m always impressed by your shading and texturing, but I think the facial/head modelling could probably use a bit more work. It’s sort of like the finished Uplift piece you did recently… I loved the mood, the lighting the shading, almost everything, but the facial work really threw me out of the mood of the piece.

The ears also feel a bit wrong, sort of like they’re glued on.

It really depends on the style you’re going for at the end, so don’t take my critique as negative, but you have such an amazing flair for atmosphere, animation and lighting that I’d love to see you push the other areas of your skill a little bit more!


Good luck Tyson!


Ah cmon Ben…you can do it! :smiley:

Joe: thanks brother!

Martin: I really appreciate the feedback man…sometimes the simplest things that stand out to others are completely missed by me…probably has to do with my shit modelling skills compared to many of the others on this board. I tried to buff up the textures and added a bit of a normal map to add some new wrinkles, and also tweaked the eyes a bit…how do you feel about it now?


Looking good, actually starting to look like Daniel Craig, steampunk Bond :slight_smile:

still something weird with the ears


What a wonderful story. I love your main Character! I have been a fan of the story of the fountain of youth ever since I heard “Xanadu” by Rush what seems like ages ago. I will be following your WIP closely.
Admirably, you must have a lot of determination to undertake such a challenging story, but then again, this IS a challenge.
Good luck and have fun. Can’t wait to see more.



I think the ‘weird ear’ thing is being caused by the SSS effect, where the ear joins the side of the head. An easy way around this would be to bring his side burns down past his ears.

And Tyson, your modeling skills are anything but shit!


Ah good call…I’ve got an SSS map that’s doing the translucency…so I’ll darken the ear areas :slight_smile:


Very promising story. for sure it will be not easy- if you finish it as you want - there will be truly cool animation,

Good luck,


nice one Tyson,
hordes of mechanical animals running around! :drool:
best of luck to you!


I’m definitely considering it. gonna try to come up with a concept over thanksgiving break :slight_smile:


Hey guys…animation progress update :slight_smile:

This is at the beginning of the film, when the entrance to the cave is discovered by the main character. (7.5mb, no sound)

(oh…and excuse the poor compression quality…Soreson sucks out a lot of the contrast)

The shots after will be him walking through the dark passage inside, and then finding the room with the well…after that is when the real fun starts! :smiley:


Animation? Wha? Tyson, it is only second week of the challenge ending. And hell it is good animation.


Wow, love the ambience already

Is your story autobiographic? Man… you’re truely an animation machine :smiley:


looking great mate! already an animation test??? that’s fast!
keep up the good work!



Looks great.
I agree, so much completed in such a short time.
If you keep this pace up you’ll have a feature film.:slight_smile:


Wouw !

Very nice. I just love the atmosphere.


Hey Tyson this looks like a finished piece really right now!
fantastic look on it!
great particle work and camera move, specially awesome lighting and fantastic animate! I like to know something about these things really in your progress!

welldone buddy! plz keep up awesome works on it man, it’s going great sofar :slight_smile:



ivanisavich good to see your wip man. and good luck with the challange.

i read the story, its nicely written. the concept it there. have you done any concept sketches so far, i mean love to see em. your character design looks good too, expecially in the animation, which is done very nicely. good work man…

ahhh i trying so hard to enter the contest myself :S

and again best of luck man… will stay tuned :slight_smile:



Are you already done with storyboarding? Or do you have it all in your head already?

nice greasy feel.


Oh wow!
Already modelled and rigged… and animated! and lighted and rendered… jesus… You work fast and it looks amazing at the same time.

Keep up the very good work, mate :slight_smile: