Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Hey Tyson Good Luck with the challange, looking forward to see what you will come up with



Hello Tyson, cool to see you here :slight_smile:

Great concept…Now, i really wanna see this flesh/clockwork transformation !
You HAVE to finish this :stuck_out_tongue:


Kinda have this ivanisavich’s style already. Ambitious story you have picked!


great ideia tyson! i cant wait to see more! im thinking about going to cartoon/realistic path…tht´s gonna be great!


Hey Tyson.
Really nice start.
The eyes looks a bit strange (not the eyes them self, but their sockets.), besides that, it really looks cool!
Good luck :slight_smile:


Tweaked the head/eyes…now they look less weird I think.


Looks good so far, and I’m sure the animation will be ace. Good luck :thumbsup:


Hey guys…more progress on the main character.

The setting is going to be fairly late at night, and he’s going to be using his torch to light his path :slight_smile:


Oh…and I’m going to be titling my film “Hemlock” :smiley:


Fantastic start man. I love the stylized feel with the realistic shading.


And I LOVE the staff!


lookin great T, altho the skin feels a bit too waxy


Nice torch :thumbsup:
Looks like a magical stick though


I was thinking, perhaps to make it a little more steampunky, the staff could have a gas lantern on it. It could also play quite nicely with the shadows being cast around it (picking up the struts of the lantern).

What are you using for your fire and smoke? Looks amazing!


Oh I like that idea pyke! I’ll definitely add that to the staff, and I was thinking of adding some other gadgets to his wardrobe as well…not too much though…I want the mechanical man at the well to be quite juxtiposed against the fleshy/organic main character.

And the smoke is fumeFX :slight_smile:


Well dear master T, I’m in :slight_smile:

Don’t you love FumeFX for smoke? That plug I’m glad I bought


Glad to see you’re in man! This is the first challenge you’ve entered since the puppet/master one right?


Entered the spectacular one but wasn’t able to finish it

But this one is just to cool, entering the video one to, gonna steampunk the Trojan Horse :slight_smile:


I wish I had time to enter this one, it looks like so much fun! who knows, maybe over x-mas break I’ll have time for the still image category.


good concept and good solid start tyson!!

you work so quick!! do you sleep??

good luck!