Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Incredible man! I wasn’t really sure what to expect and the way the story came together at the end just completely blew my mind. Absolutely awesome work.


way to go t…your work is amazing…you got my vote.


I didn’t expect something as good as this. Was really fun to watch.


Missed this challenge and came in to watch the entries just now.
And this movie you have made is beautiful, good luck now!



hey mr. popularity, way to get 2 million replies!! :wink:


Incredible! Everything!


well i saw it again with steams and everything and i love it even more!
here are some words about a few highlights and small crits…

What i like most is the way you focus in the story telling using this incredible movie languaje. I love the way you choose the shots, how you play with dof, camera movemnts, timmings, pauses and action, every thing looks so natural, like a featured movie. I dont really pay atention to the editing stuff during the play, and thats because it is so well done.

I mean, your work as DIRECTOR in this master piece is the very best stuff on it. Even better than the technical stuff which is too much to say.

And about your 3d skills, there is not so much to add about. You are a model to follow.

the only one thing i would change a little bit is the way he knocks out the wall. It seems a little bit exagerated for me. Too much hulky! : )

GREAT JOB MAN, i think this is the best story and deserves the main price!


Great short film dude! Storytelling is first class. Can’t help but think you’re a steampunk machine yourself to get this finished in 4 months.

Only minor thought - I agree the wall breaking scene does feel a bit unreal - if it was already cracked or broken and repaired it would be more believable.

Amazing work, good luck with the comp!


maybe the robot-dude put the wood up to block the wall, seeming as he is so pressed on getting the guy not to drink the water?


Hey congrates T! man you did it finally! … :bowdown:


Work well paid off man. Extremely well done.


Congrats Tyson :slight_smile:
Well deserved!



Congratulations Tyson! A well deserved win!
Looking forward to the next challenge! :smiley:


As planed… you’re the best… for me… and the judges :bowdown:

congrats man… and continue in this way :thumbsup:


This is deserved as anything can be deserved!
Congratulations Tyson! You rocked this challenge :slight_smile:


gz tyson! well deserved this one! excellent :slight_smile:


Well deserved! Congruats!:buttrock:


Yeah, you left little doubt about this one!
As said a billion times (but can’t be said enough): Amazing work!


Congrats on ur award.U truly deserve it.


I’ll wait for the…"And the Oscar goes to…"