Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


We are amazed man, and hope you’ll win! Without doubd you’re our favorite!


Incredible work! Good writing too, especially with regards to the ending.


Here ya go…you’ll need an flv player to watch it, but if you have vlc you’ll be all set :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

So another person just contacted me with a problem downloading the flv from the cgtalk server, which means that the server is having some issues (I tried downloading the flv from the cgtalk server myself, without problem).

I’ve had the same trouble with some other peoples’ videos. I’ve had to re-start the download of some other peoples’ videos multiple times because it’ll stop partway through with a “size-mismatch” error.

So, remember…if you have trouble with the portfolio link, try the one I posted above linking to my webspace :slight_smile:


Awesome work, man. I particularly love how you animated the mechanical man. The whole thing has an almost stop-motion look about it, which creates a very nice effect. Was that intentional, or am I imagining things? Regardless, your bad-assery is immense!


I finally had a moment to watch it.
You did inspiring job mate…truely. I’m not worried about judging and you shouldn’t also. Now it’s time to celebrate so lets get it started!


That make each time I watch your film Tyson… for me… it’s true good…
a great lesson for us all…
…I show it to my collegues and all are under the charm of your animation.

Thanks a lot for the making-of… lot of explanation about your process… and of course, we could appreciate again more all the huge work you made on this film…

Congratulations Tyson… I think to re-watch it again and again :beer:


I have to agree with Lemog!
I watched your movie about 10-15 times in the last 3 days,
and allways was astonished by it every single time!
I have to say it once again: This is a real masterpiece!

I salute you! :bowdown:lol :slight_smile:


Totally amazing video!!:applause:

It looks like you have worked very hard for this!!

All the modeling, rigging, shading, lighting, animation, and all the small details are awesome!

The story is also very good with great directing!
I loved the mood and suspence of your video!

Good luck!!


you have just become a god. I am totally aware that this is achievable. It is a matter of self diciplin, and … time. I can see how you’ve managed to spare some power in some places to spend more on others. The limited locations, the farely simple passes.
Spend more time in comp to make stuff look good. But I mean. We did the same thing. We held back on complicated locations, and we held back on complicated characters - which you did not. )

But o m b what a world of difference. There is just something about your stuff.

you’ve got:
a: crisp look, both in texture work and in comp. Due to amazing bokeh blurring, very contrasty and detailed textures. a tiny sharpen maybe?
b: nice models. here i might point out that in spite of your amazing achievement, modeling humans is not your strongest side. :rolleyes:
c: nice animation
d: amazing sound design. And we all know, especially animators, that 60% of a cool scene is the sound. sad for animators, amazing for sound enginieers. hehehe
e: sub surf scat does great things. looks like it is a very simple or even a faked one you use. could that be the case? mainly because it seems very simplyfied. Especially in some of the scenes where the nose has massive amounts of it.
f: amazing camera control. Alot of film makers, especially in 3d totally neglects the camera and its ability to capture the audience. It is not just the “window” into your world. It is a tool, a character in some cases, and most of all a philosophy that directors seem to forget or ignore. When using MAX … we get alot from the fantastic noise filters, but its obvious that the awesome camera control is your fault, with a tiny little help from the noise filters maybe.
g: your story works perfectly. It just makes so much sense. Well of eternal life -> becoming a machine. djeezoz its brilliant.

sorry for disecting. I just need to understand your abilities and skill.

congrats. I think this one might be the individual video victor. HURRAAAAAaaaayyyyiiii :applause:

… even though i miss some steampunkyness.


Excellent work!

Very inspiring!
The look and the animation are tremendous.
Your approach and treatment of the story are my favorite parts.

I never thought one person could do so much in such short time span.

You have proven me wrong!
You Rock!


Hey Tyson,

Just to echo the sentiments above - awesome work, and so much of it!! We’ll be expecting nothing short of a full length stereoscopic feature for the next challenge!! Also I think they might need to add a new category:

-video (individual)
-video (team)
-video (superhuman workaholic animation immortals)

All the best



You are a CG GENIUS!!! one will ever understand the way you function or how you do what you do but all we know for sure is that you RULE the CG world and we love you for it :slight_smile:

keep it up Tyson…


Hi Tyson. Great work!

Maybe you can share some tips with us?

How do you get that really crisp look on your backgrounds?
Do you use high resolution textures? What kind of maps do you use? How much is real geometry?

What does your skin maps on your character look like? He has got a great puppet-style look!
Is there any philosophy behind how you make your color map/specular map/bump map, etc (like “I am not going to have specular in the middel of a bump in my bumpmap”)?

Would you post your maps, or rather keep them to yourself? (I can understand if you would keep them private)

What kind of lamps do you use? Area lights, spotlights, directionals? Dmaps or raytracing (ok, raytracing I guess, but just asking)?

How do you make your DOF? Is it zchannel with frischluft dof filter, or how do you do it?

Thumbs up for really good work. We learn a lot from you…



Everything has already been said! You did an awesome job finishing such a long high quality movie by yourself. The mood, the animation, the spider and rat, the mechanical man, the main character it all looks very nice! You did a hell of a job! Goodluck with the judging!


At last that I have looked a final video in high quality. (my internet of home very slow)
It is magnificent! Great work, animation, rendering very professional, and sound work too. I feel you have grand prize! ;^)


Amazing work.
[left]Good luck.

Paulo C. Duarte


wow man, that was excellent!
it has a great look and flow/pace. good work.

eternal life seems kinda expensive i wonder what a few hundred years would cost


Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to the thread :slight_smile:


a) Yep…there’s a sharpen filter on it :slight_smile:

b) Heh…yep modelling is my weakpoint. I’m a terrible modelling by I try to make do with what I’ve got :wink:

e) All SSS was done with MR’s fast SSS skin shader

f) Thanks :slight_smile: And yep…noise controllers did most of the work :smiley:

toft: 1) Well, background in the first 3 shots is just an image matte :slight_smile: The background in the cave section (Ie, the cave walls) is simple gemoetry with high-res textures + displacement. In the well room, there’s no displacement, just textures.

  1. The maps are really simple for the character…just imagine any regular face map derived from photographs applied to an SSS fast skin shader in MR :slight_smile: I just used the diffuse map for specular and bump.

  2. 99% of the lights are omni lights. Spots were only used in a couple of shots to focus the lighting in certain places. All of the omnis had plenty of attenuation applied to give nice light falloff.

  3. Yep…the frischluft plugin :slight_smile:

Thanks again for stopping by everyone!


What a fantastic short film! I really enjoyed the story - the ending was very clever and handled in a way which made it pure fun to watch. Congratulations! To make such a wonderful film in so little time is amazing. One part of me feels disappointed that I didn’t watch this thread develop. But then another part of me says that made today’s viewing of the film all the more fresh and surprising for me! Good luck with the judging