Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Tyson Ibele


Wow! That is incredible mate. I always look forward to your work when these competitions come round and it definitely didn’t disappoint!! I love the atmosphere and animals/insects, especially these scene of the rat running towards him with the camera low and behind,… fantastic!! Good luck with the challenge, I’m sure you will do well.

p.s Looking forward to the making of.


Britney Spears mode on:

OOps you did it again !


As Sisyphus might of say, kuːdoʊz, KUDOS my Friend!


wow, really incredible work. Very atmospheric and scary. Also had a great eye on your uplift work and you have a very high sense for dramatic, not to mention your 3d skills and workflow. Huge project, very well done!

Keep up the good work, already waiting for the next challenge and your submission :wink:

Best of luck!


So here were the storyboards. As you can see they’re on par with the quality of the boards I made for “Matrioshka” last year :wink:

They were only a rough guideline though, to help me remember the order of events in some of the scenes. In some areas I strayed pretty far from them.


holy omg . 2000 stars/10 stars. This is amazing. Maybe not as steampunked, but still very very very very awesome.

  ROFLCOPTERLMFAONADEZOMGXORZaklsjdljasldkasjd!! you have no idea how much i'm loling at you this very moment. <3 u lots brosef! you just made my day.
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Man I don’t log on to comment all that much but dang! that was an amazing short film. I’m glad to have subscribed to your youtube account or i might have missed this. Great job man. It’s very inspiring to see what you can do.


really amazing work T, especially considering it took a single person only 4 months to create.


Great job. As said above, the steampunk theme does not stand out that much, but still, the short is really awesome.

You are very very talented.


T amazing work, love the ambient music suits it really well. i don’t call you master T for nothing :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max

testing the uploader on another machine

edit: ok good…looks like the uploader is working on this other machine. Note, the video link is missing because the version I just uploaded in this post wasn’t the final version, so I took it out :slight_smile:


Sitting here, waiting for a render. Your film made a good break! I even ported it over to the big tv screen, and viewed it in all its glory!

Here be spoilers!
Wonderful story, and very well executed. My favorite part is definitely the expression on his face when he looks down at the clockwork man, and lodged his staff into its head!

I love the sound design aswell. Him putting his hand into his pocket has a very viceral feel to it. Also small details…the slight ‘woosh’ of the coin as it passes the camera.

I love the shot of the clockwork man getting up in the background. Very nice use of DOF there. The transformation aswell is incredible. How did you do it? Morphing? I love the last shot with his hand coming up onto the well edge.

Just an incredible short! Work you can be proud of! I hpoe to have a 10th of your skill with a mouse someday. :smiley:

As always, its been a pleasure competing with you! Looking forward to the next challenge!



O.k., that is really good!


Dude, that is crazy! I simply do not understand how your manage to create such a movie in 2 or 3 month. It is f***ing awesome!


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,mental ray

Hey guys, here’s my final submission! For those that saw the previous upload of the film, you’ll notice that this version has some additions…namely…lots of steam!

It’s funny that I had spent 3 months working on this “steampunk” film…only to realize today (1 day before the deadline lol), after thinking about “Grrrrrrr”'s comment, that while my film has cogs and gears and clockwork…it doesn’t have any steam at all. At first, I didn’t think it would matter that much…but then I thought…damn…it really loses a bit of the steampunk vibe without it. So I raced to add steam jets into many of the shots (both on the mechanical man and the main character transforming at the end), and re-worked the audio in many of the shots near the end to complement the new visuals. I think having the steam in there now (especially during the transformation at the end) really brings it together. Thanks Grrrrrrr for that comment…hopefully you’ll agree that the steampunk themes stands out more now.

Anyways, to everyone: enjoy! It was a blast making this, as well as working alongside everyone else during the whole process. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement over the past 3 months :slight_smile:

Plot synopsis: A troubled man journeys to the fountain of youth, only to discover that the price for drinking from its waters is far greater than he imagined.

PS: forgive the filesize…it’s 90mb, but that’s the lowest I could get it without a huge quality drop, since the whole thing (including trailer and making-of) is 6 minutes long.

[Play Video >>](


Man, it’s incredible!! I’m really wondering how you do to manage so well your time to do a work with this quallity in a so short time.

Congratulations. I’m just sorry because this time I couldn’t finish mine… hehehe

Good luck on judging :beer:


Pyke: The transformation was pretty simple actually. The holes that grow larger in the skin was achieved with an animated face extrude modifiers. I basically just selected the faces on the mesh I want to be holes, then added the extrude modifier, doing a negative extrude that grows larger over time. Then, on top of that modifier in the stack I added an edit_mesh modifier which I used to delete the actual faces being extruded–which left the growing holes in the skin :slight_smile: A displace modifier was then added on top with an animated map to ripple the skin a bit.

JRBRAZ: Thanks for the kind words man :smiley: It was very difficult to get this project done in the short time, but I managed to do it in the end!


tybel that boxx is as good as yours. :beer:

and here i go jinxing things for you…again. :smiley:

job well done T.

rspk :thumbsup:


Tyson, would love to see the beast finished but for some reason the video on CGSociety starts playing and then after a minute it stops. Tried downloading it and it’s the same. I can get 5/7 MB out of 90!

Can you upload it on your server ?