Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Ricardo Tobon


Thanks Lemog!

It was the encouragement of the forum members like you that forced us to put the final all-nighters that kept us in the race.

I said it once and I said it again. I am amazed by your work! You are a one man production house!


hahahaha :smiley: :scream:… thanks… good to laugh in the early morning (here of course) :beer:

…and I hope to see more productions of you soon :deal:


This is looks like a professional production to me!
Very nicely integrated cg and life action, well done, team Icarus!


Thank you so much Sasha!

I really liked your team’s submission too.

Great look and animation!


The movie looks great, I like the old feel to it! Nice 3D and live action integration. Congrats finishing this movie with your team and goodluck with the judging!


I just wanted to take sometime to thank everyone who has looked at our submission and gave us feedback on the project. Seeing your work was inspiring to us and we applaud each and every one of you who choose to submit and compete. Good luck with the judging and we look forward to seeing more art from each and every one of you. The more we share the more we inspire each other.
Good Luck :thumbsup:


hey guys well done. It is a daring act to try and implement real life footage into cg stuff. And i think you did a great job.
There is one place where you change angle on icarus and the sky is the same, thats a shame, you must have been under loads of pressure.
The shot where ms. icarus is flying towards the screen for a couple of seconds, it would have added some action if you put some smoke in behind her.

It’s nice to see how thorough the “3d matte” is in the making of. Would have loved to see more of it in the full feature.

cool guyS! well done


Thanks andreasng,

The matte painting was fun to paint and set up in Nuke. Some fun R&D in the development of the pipeline. The best aspect being how quickly I could edit and generate updates based on critiques from the rest of the team.

The pressure was definitely on. In some cases from those special ladies with a few choice words about the late hours :beer:.

I must say I enjoyed the immersive quality of your project [Someone just walked by while watching it and proclaimed its sweetness]. Great creative adaptation of the old man and the sea. Def. a book I like to keep on my shelf.




Amazing how nice this looks! Great work to everyone that worked on it!


Amazing work. I’m proud to have teachers like this :slight_smile:


Agreed x1,000,000


Thanks to everyone for their kind words and encouragement!

These things make all the hard work that we put into the piece worth it.

We will start corrections on the piece next month and will post the new version as soon as it is done.

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to review and comment on our piece.


Congratulations on this piece Full Sail University.

Job well done



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