Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Ricardo Tobon


Comparison between Actress and Digital Double.
Actress: Alex Restrepo
Sculptor: Jorge Mussi


Thanks a lot to everyone that has been following the thread.
We do have a little few shots that are close to done. We will post them as soon as we have them.
Great idea on the corrective bledshapes. We will try it out as soon as the motion capture – animation is done. Not to sound like a slacker but with the deadline crawling in fast, we want to make sure that extra work that we put in is going to affect the look of the final piece.
It’s going to be a crazy week!!!


Here are some images from the mocap shoot.
More work coming soon.


Am looking forward to some of your animated shots and to you final animation, they must turn out awesome with this professional approach:D Goodluck with the last bits!


I’m impressed :eek:


I love the progress you guys have made so far. The prop for the jetpack really came out nice too. I can’t wait to see the final product when it’s finished. Keep up the great work guys!! :applause:


Here is a concept Matte Painting and look exploration for our piece by Pedro Flores.
Macklenan Hasham made the Matte Painting that we are going to use for the productions shots under Pedro’s art direction. I will post the final Matte Painting very soon.


That is really nice mattepaiting. All the dirt and smudges over the picture add a lot to the atmosphere of the pice.


I like much this kind of mood… I’m impatient to watch more… especially all together in action :wip:


look’s very nice :slight_smile: it’s one of my fav :slight_smile:


Here is the Motion Capture / Animation of the take-off shot.

The performance was done by Alex Restrepo.

Motion Capture, Tracking, and Animation was done by Ricardo Tobon (Me, je, je, je).

Steam Effects where done by Owin Valle.

Pedro Flores made the whole thing look photo-real!

Link to movie:


The hyperlink does not seem to be working on the previous post.

Let me try it again.

Play Movie


That works… impressive and perfect mocap at first view… of course… it’s always too short :scream:


Here is the Intro Shot of our piece. There will be minor color corrections to match the rest of the short, but for the most part this shot is done.

The team is working feverishly at the moment to get this thing done!

I will post some new stuff soon.

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This project is coming along great! So far the WIPs shown are well done and have a unique style. I look forward to seeing some of the 3d matte paintings in comp! :bowdown:


So this is it!

There are tons of stuff we would like to do to our video.

We actually will make lots of corrections and additions to it, but they will not make part of the challenge.

Time is up! Last call! All that Jazz!

I want to acknowledge Dave, Mak, Pedro and Owin. This guys rock harder than a Ninja with and electric guitar! This last submission could have not been possible without their hard work.

It’s been insanely fun competing with such talented artists. Our hats go of for the crazy-insane talented production teams!
We are also amazed by the one-man army production powerhouses that we have seen.

I want to

Best of luck to everyone!

Team Icarus Combust!!!

(Flame effects).

Play Video >>


:thumbsup: I am glad you guys made it!!! Your entry is really good!
It has got this feel of old movies to it. Some kind of Dalí/Bunuel feeling.
And it is absolutely well done! :slight_smile:


Great Movie!!

Congratualtions to all the team!
Very nice 3d and live action too!!

Good luck to you!!:buttrock:


Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to check our submission.

We truly appreciate the encouragement.

There are a lot of corrections we would like to make to our video, but such is life, you live and you learn.

I want to reiterate how amazed I am when I see the submissions from the other teams and artists that participated in this challenge!

There are some truly amazing inspiring works of digital art among the submissions for this challenge.

I feel inspired and humbled at the same time by this experience.

My favorite thing about the whole experience was the sense of community and healthy competition that was carried all throughout by all the teams.

Thanks again to everyone for all the encouragement!


Huge work so far… congratulations to the big team… of course… the major crit for me is that’s too short… that give the envy to watch the total film :smiley:

Well… it’s anyway a true professional realization… BRAVO :applause: