Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Ricardo Tobon


This is a quick composition block out that Pedro Flores did with one of the preliminary shoot images. This quick block-out is meant to help us figure out cinematography, color scheme and feel for the piece.


Here is an image of the progress of the physical Rocket Pack prop. The prop is being built by Dave Wolgemuth.


Here are some finished steampunk props for the Icarus Costume. The goggles where done by Judha Konigsberg and the knee pads by Marcus Scarsella.


icarus is a chick? nice.

amazing to see that a team actually “makes” stuff. in real life… wow


Here is the finished Jet Pack. This prop was created by Dave Wolgemuth.


Yes, Icarus is a girl in our version of the myth. We will post the finished costume very soon.

Thanks again for the encouragement!


Nothing to add, this project is very exciting ! congrats… I’m impatient to discover more :beer:


Wow Ricardo this is going to be good!


Thanks once more to everyone for their encouragement. It keeps the team going!

Here is a picture of Alex Restrepo who is the actress for the piece in full costume.


Here are some pictures from our project?s primary shoot. We did the shoot a few days ago.
More pictures of the shoot coming up soon!


Here are some pictures from our project?s primary shoot. We did the shoot a few days ago.
More pictures of the shoot coming up soon!


Awsome, seems like lot of fun, and lot of hard work to!
Keep it up guys!


Thanks to everyone that has been following this thread!
Here are a few more images from our primary shoot.


Looks awesome! But damn…she’s gotta be sweltering in all that gear!


This looks amazing, looks so professional, does the equipment belong to you or have you hired it, or do you work for a film company?


The performer did get a little hot in the costume.

Fortunately Dave Wolgermuth did a great job designing and building the jetpack so most of it is hollow. This makes it somewhat light for the performer to carry.

Also, we where very lucky to have really nice weather during the shoot. It was very sunny but the temperature was not too high. This is the advantage of shooting in January. The disadvantage whatsoever was the light went down pretty quick.

The equipment was borrowed from the University.

Thanks for the encouraging words everyone!!!


Here is the digital stunt double of Alex Restrepo. The model was sculpted by Jorge Mussi.


great model, and the proportions look as good as the original !



Very interesting to follow :thumbsup:


It is a big and complex project you are doing, guys!
progress is looking very good.
Do you have any integrated shots yet? There is very little time left. Not to stress you… :slight_smile:
I have a little comment to your digital double: her arm pits are pinched very high up. I guess it’s a result of joint deformation from the modeled t-pose. I would suggest bringing clavicle just a little down and modeling a corrective blednshape to bring that area down and natural.
But then it depends on how you are going to use your double - if it’s a distance shot then don’t use your time on it :slight_smile:

Good luck finishing!