Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Ricardo Tobon


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Final Submission


A few colleagues and I are entering the Steampunk group video challenge with our own interpretation of the Ancient Greek myth of Icarus.
We will use a combination of live action, 3d and matte paintings for the visual effects of the piece.
We started on the project a few weeks ago, but where only able to figure out a timeline that will allow us to finish the project by the proposed deadline in the last few days.

The following artists compose the team:

Andrey Drogobetsky
Chris Staricha
Christian Velez
David Wolgermuth
Destiny Bradley
Jason Yacaus
Jorge Mussi
Judha Konigsberg
Macklenan Hasham
Owin Valle
Pedro Flores
Ricardo Tobon
Timothy Ramos

Here is the first swing at the character design. We already decided that we want a more ?western-cowboy-pioneer-steampunk? kind of look. This first concept by Christian Velez came out a little to ?city dweller - steampunk?. We will post the corrections very soon.


Here is a quick sketch by Macklenan Hasham helping the team explore the interaction between the character and the environment. More images on this subject coming soon.


Here is a more finalized concept for the Icarus character.
On our approach to the myth, Icarus is a young woman.
The final look might differ slightly depending on the actress and what we can physically build for her.
Christian Velez made this concept image.


Impressive Team ! :deal:

I don’t know if you need much wishes :scream: hahaha

In any case, the first concept sketches are promising… that promit to be very interesting…

…really appreciate the originality of your Ikarus… very different than the old one I’ve made many years ago… yours is more comfortable and pleasant to watch :cool:

… I keep plugged… best of luck for you all guys :wavey:


Nice character concept, definitely has the Steampunk feel.


Thanks a lot for the encouraging words!

The team is very enthusiastic about the prospect of combining live action, hand made props and CGI for this project.

Here are a few sketches of Icarus rocket pack. Dave Wolgemuth did the sketches for it and he already started making the physical prop. I look forward to posting images of it as he progresses with it.


Nice drawings! And the team is a big one! Good luck in the challenge!:beer:


great concept art! I wonder how your environment will look like :wink:


Thanks to everyone that has been following this thread.
Here are a few sketches of a steampunk house that we want to have as a background element for the environment.
Jason Yacalis made these sketches; he is also working with Christopher Staricha on the 3D Model of the house.


Here is the block out of the physical prop for Icarus rocket pack. Dave Wolgemuth is building the physical prop.


Oh wow…that’s awesome!!! You’re really going the whole way!


We are trying our best.
You never know how all the elements will come together until the very last minute especially under such tight deadline but we will give it our best shot.
It’s been an awfully fun challenge so far though!


Yeah, it looks really cool! Way better than my icarus interpretation, judging on your artwork so far.
It’s always nice to see when people doing real elements as well. Gonna be great to see the result.
Good luck and great work so far :slight_smile:


This is the actress for our video. Her name is Alex Restrepo. We still need to do a few steampunk enhancements to her costume.


Here are a few pictures from the preliminary shoot. We did this shoot in order to figure out the cinematography of the piece a little better.


Reminds me of The Rocketeer…

Perhaps taking a look at that movie will give you some ideas on how to ‘fly’?

Im sure there are better examples if you look around Youtube. :wink:



we are doing a lot of live footage compositing in our project too, I’m very curious about yours…

go on with that!

are you going for a realistic compositing?

very cool props!



There is something really cool about combining live footage and CG elements. I like full CG too, but sometimes physical solutions work best.

For the composting we are starting in the realistic realm, but we are going to stylize it a little, try to give it a little of a fantasy look.


Absolutely! We did take a look at the Rocketeer.

Thanks for the recommendation!

We are also taking a look at a lot of Matrix clips as well as Heroes.

We will probably end up doing a hybrid of all those styles.