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Latest Update: Finished Video: Baba Yaga


Hello everyone!

I’m very exited to join CG society’s competition, and I want to thank all the administrative members for offering such an organized and social environment. I also want to thank my peers for their positive outlook on each other’s work and vision as it progresses. 

I see many projects have already got a good start. I found out about the competition 8 days after it stated, but fortunately, I’ve been thinking about steampunk for a long time, so I already know exactly what I want out of this. Quite frankly, I want a lot more out of this project than what I can, on my own, complete by February 3rd. So for the last week, I have been thinking really hard about what mythical character I should use, how it can be incorporated in the steampunk aesthetic, and how much material I can fit into the small gap of time between now and the deadline. I think this will be a fun and inspirational challenge and I wish the best luck to everyone.

Mythical Character: Baba Yaga / the Crone
Baba Yaga, originating from Slavic folklore, is a fascinating mythical character who flies/limps around the forest in a larger mortar, pushing herself with a pestle, and sweeping her tracks with a broom. She dwells in a hut that sits on chicken legs, that in some stories has a mind of its own and moves about. Baba Yaga is incorporated in many cultures as the dark mother, or the Crone. Although her role in stories varies tremendously, she often represents death and rebirth, as well as a mentor and guide for women transitioning through the three stages of life (virginity, mother, crone).

Vasalisa is a young girl that lives in an apartment in the city. Baba Yaga summons Vasalisa by sending her a box with a strange clock in it. Vasalisa hangs the clock on her wall, and goes to sleep. The clock begins to illuminate and prints out a strange map. Driven by her curiosity, Vasalisa follows the map into the woods where she discovers Baba Yaga’s steam powered hut. The crone feel’s Vasalisa’s presence and emerges out of her hut and chases her. Your left with an assumption that Baba Yaga has evil intentions towards Vasalisa. Then the title: The Crone

Your hooked, and if you see the theoretical movie, you will find the hag is not purely antagonistic.


So the first thing I’ve been thinking about is organization. I need a strong approach and here it is:

4:concept art
10:compositing/color grading

You may think its weird that music is number one, but for me, whenever possible, I like to have a music outline to set the pace and emotional charge of whatever I’m making. It ties everything together and modulates the emotional energy of the piece.

Today I sang the music outline, and storyboarded to it.

Now I’m on to scheduling, concept art and modeling



These are very rough, but I think the action will play out well. You can’t see because of the poor image quality, but under some of the panels are music cues for the 3 different themes for the score.



Here are my various models and scenes for The Crone. The first scene (and largest) is almost done being textured, and will hopefully be ready to render later this week. What do you guys think?


Here is a test rendering of baba’s house in the woods. What do your guys think?


Wow I can’t beieve you do not have one response yet. I love the lighting of this! Keep it up!


hey exited to see ur next uploads…
best luck.


Thanks guys!
Yea i’ll probably have some more stuff posted pretty soon.



hey man looks good. it’ll be funny to see the house walk. Like a chicken maybe?

Very moody picture.

Post an animatic or somin. we want to seeeee…


Ready to animate!


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Vue

This theoretical film is based on the Slavic folklore character Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga is a witch who lives in the woods in hut that stands on chicken legs. In some stories she is depicted as an antagonist, flying in a giant mortar and eating children. In others she is a mentor, providing knowledge of womanhood to her young subjects.

I really wanted to capture the mystery of this chacter in a steampunk context. I hope you enjoy.

Pascal Miller

Pascal Miller - Visuals, music composition

Asset Credits:
Jonathan miller- Drums
Bobby Furguson- Cello
Vue Infinite- Included plants and textures
Chad Vernon - Connie Model
“Denfo” - Metal shaders
Christer Dahl- Glass shader
“Shrinker”- Pink skin shader

Play Video >>


And no one cares…I guess


Sure we care! It looks great.
I really love the scene with the bird-thingy flying through the city. That’s just awesome.
The story is a little bit confusing though. I don’t think I’d know what it’s about, if I hadn’t read the text you wrote.

But it looks cool :slight_smile:


Thanks man!

Yea its hard to condense storytelling to 30 seconds. And its also difficult to tell the right amount. Many previews give away too much, so I tried to make it something people could follow but something with no clear ending. All that I want is people to see the letter being delivered from the flying machine, the girl seeing it, and being summoned to the woods. Do you think that gets across fairly clearly?


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