Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Olivier Selliez


Very beautifull movie!!

Congratulations and good luck!!


great entry !
the mate painting is beautifull, and the design of the beauty is more than perfect.
Elégant, c’est le mot qui me vient à l’eprit, en voyant votre prod.
La musique est bien choisie, le découpage simple et efficace, le plan du dragon est superbe, et la typo rajoute encore plus de charme à l’ensemble.
Que cambrone soit avec vous !


Thanks for comments, we appreciate.

visionmaster2 >
En effet nous sommes entré dans le concours début janvier, donc avec seulement 1 mois, il fallait aller à l’essentiel :wink:
Nous avons pris le parti de faire quelque chose de simple, mais de travailler chaque plan (composition, couleur, …). L’idée étant d’avoir les plus belles images possible.
Merci pour ces encouragements :slight_smile:

Indeed we entered the competition at the beginning of January, thus with only 1 month, it was necessary to go to the main part :wink:
We decided to make something simple, but to work every plan (composition, colour, …). The idea was to have the most beautiful images as possible.
Thank you for these encouragements :slight_smile:


really nice. My second favorite so far. Woner why there aren’t more comments here. Its realy grabbing me. Great sense for Music. Very good idea!

Hope you win something!


Thanks a lot for the comment.
We hope evryone will like the movie the same way.^^


Thanks for comments, we appreciate a lot.
Indeed our page is not the most commented or seen, but all the comments we have are positives. Anyway, don’t hesitate to comment our movie, congrats or criticism are always welcome :slight_smile: .


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