Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nico Strobbe


Thanks DogBreath,

I understand the thing with the small building, but i’ll be going for a little bit of a cartoonisch style of rendering and compositing so will keep extra work to a minimum.
I get depressed when i think i still need to rig these creatures and animate them. Think it is about 2 or 3 years ago when i did my first and only piece or animation. Damn this will be a close call.



Like the character design. Looks steampunk to me!


Very nice models, keep posting!!


looks good, keep it up


Ahh, those are fine peaces of machinery…
Nice modeling!


Hey Nico :slight_smile:

Frank looking great, I like the way you made the head/eyes!
I hope the animation goes well, even if you told us that it will be not easy!

Looking forward!

ps:couldn’t you make a female steampunk version :stuck_out_tongue:


Adam TSC: Thanks man, since i got too little time i’l not gonna add anymore detail. So glad you find it steampunk enough.

Thiago-Pirez: Thank and if all goes well i’ll be posting a lot in the comming 7 days or so. I’f not this is the end.

SimJoy : Thanks man, still feel sorry for your thread. Kind of the reason i never get into group work. But hey, if you don’t try you don’t know right.

Musi: Thanks man, i kind of see them as pieces of impossibleness but when i get the texturing finished it could be a piece of junk. Curious :smiley:

Hey Arnaud, I think the things are more difficult than you think. You see, i’ve been sick for already about 6 days and still feeling like crap. i now have 7 days to do the most work and it seems like a goddess impossibleness.
I need to work so fast so that when sunday comes, and i can’t work any more, i should use the time for rendering. So i’m pushing the limits here. Last week i missed 3 days on some other job (while being very sick) and so i’m getting more and more behind. And since i’m not too good in animating, or ever rigging, i have to spend more time on that. But even then it’s way too little.

And yes, i could make a female version of this last bot. I’ll paint a bra on it and scale the ass :scream:

cheers and wish me luck. I’ll need it.


So, i’m still way behind but i have finished the Fran model for shading besides some details. Next step is to start rigging. This will be the fun part cause i’m not rigger. But neither am i a shader or texture artist. This will be fun.

Cheers all


Looking good man…but hurry! Only 2 weeks left :smiley:


Nice, you keep a high quality in all your updates :slight_smile: He looks awesome.

I don’t know it you meant it likes this, but the colours on him are pretty much the same all over. And on your “monster” you have more variation, blue, yellow and brown metal colours.


Thanks Tyson, and i know about the deadline. I am so trying to do the impossible here cause it’s just way too little time. I’m even still busy on the rigging right now. Damn this is slow progress.

Hey Dennis, I know about the textures, and i did this cause i was in a hurry. Didn’t had the time to do the textures with the same finesse like the other one. BUT, i have to say, that in line of the story, the textures do match. You see, this last character is Frank from FrankAndSteam industries and he makes a creation. The creation of FrankAndSteam, which, in essence, is compiled from many parts and vehicles. So, it’s logical that he has many different colors and styles. So in this way it should be perfect.
But we’ll just have to see how well it works in animation and lighting.

cheers and much fun.

Gonna be a tight ride here


Great update Nico, have fun rigging him!!

Keep posting and good luck finishing your entry…


Thanks Duncs, I got the rigging done and fun is not what i could have calles it :beer:
But i’m surprised i got it finished. So one down, one to go.

Here is a render in the next post!


So, i got it rigged finally and it sure taught me a lot.
To show the rigging, i posed it so i could see if the model could scratch his own ass.

And by looks of him, he can :smiley:

I still got one more to do and time is really getting tight.


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Ok, due to a little problem with the uploader, i got a strange error and thought the image didn’t got uploaded. But seems like it did, so therefor mu 4 attempts got posted.

Sorry for this mess


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Nico, hi really good concept here. I feel your stress to get this done but it’s good you are making progress. Just curious what software you used to rig the bot?


Thanks Lorne,

the stress is mainly that i try to get a rig as good as possible while i’m not a rigger. And i get so many problems along the way that i have had the idea to stop it all around 15 times a day. So the rig keeps on getting delayed so this means i just keep on getting less and less time to do animation. And animation is not what i’m good at either.

So everything is done in maya. I don’t use any kind of plugin or rigging soft. Everything is done from scratch to fit every possible thing. Not really easy. But it’s the hard work that teaches you something.

The next rig i’m doing is a little more complex because the 4 legs can actually stretch in 3 parts. And by stretch i don’t mean just scale in one axis cause it’s a bot and made from solid parts. At the moment, the only parts that are smooth skin binded, are the flexable rubbers in between the toes and fingers. All the rest are attached with parent contraints, aim contraints, point constraints and so on and so on.
Pretty stressy to get it right. But once you get the hang of it it’s not that bad.



Nice dude ! You think of all the small things, which are very Important. I dont think my character can scrath his own ass :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to next update :wink: