Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nico Strobbe


Hi there! long time :slight_smile:

I see you’ve pushed your skills a few levels higher, great! Really good design as well as quality of execution.

good luck!


Excellent modeling and texturing of the character and props.
Keep it up.:thumbsup:


Hey everybody,

I think i almost made my deadline of 30 hours i posted, but i still think there is some work on this piece. But the problem is that it all changes by the environment it is placed in. So i’m gonna change it when it’s there.

I’m going to comment you all when i got some sleep. Really need some.


ps. tomorrow i’ll post the storyboard. Just need to do some frames and scan.


Hey Gerard, thanks but hey, who knows you might not even see all this detail in the final work. So i think you should wait and see. I hope i still have enough time.

Slimmy, thanks a lot.

DizzyJ, thanks man. I once tried 3delight. But i had to learn too much and try too much and discover too much. Maybe a lot has changed with a new version, but i think i will cost me too much time to get used to it. I’m not really a renderer or a shader expert. And still not sure if 3delight could beat mental ray 2cores versus 16cores. But who knows. You ever tried Rendition? Maybe this is an option to speed up. But it depends on what setup you have.

ShaderMonkey, Thanks man! Really learning a lot from shading, but it’s an annoying piece of work to me :thumbsup:

m4rxti4n, thanks. I think it rather looks like a toy, but i guess toys are also life like :bounce:

Hey Arturro, thanks too man. Yeah, i guess i have learned a lot since Eon. Been so long. I really smiled seeing that lazy polar pear back :-D. I hope i can push my quality in time over the whole line. It’s really hard and much work.

Micro26, thanks. I hope i can finish the character very soon so you can see what it’s all about.

Cheers and i’ll get my storyboard up in a little while.


A little test i did to see both parts together

I still need to adjust the shading for the goldy parts at the back, but will do so when i get everything ready and place it in it’s environment.


And here is the Story Board for the story i have in my mind. But i think due to time i will see if there will be parts added or removed.

Zooming in out of a bush, we close in on an environment within a rocky place. All of a sudden, a person comes out of the dark holding something in it’s arms. Checking back to see if someone is watching, he runs towards his castle in the distant. Once inside, he checks the object he is holding and holds it in front of him. Going forward, he puts the object onto his creation and with some work it’s finished. Steps back and beholds his creation coming to life. He pushes his voice button and screams out loud: “it’s alive, it’s alice!”.
The creatures gets confused and sees that he is a freak and gets mad. He blows angry steam out of every pipe and stand up in an impressive stance. Frank gets scared and steps back to get into safety. The creature closes in on Frank and really gets angry. He suddenly tries to Roaar to an extreme but seem to only let out a miserable high toned steam-whistle sound and gets embarrassed. Frank pushes his voice botton again and laughs out loud.

End of story.


Cool Designs Nico, another great piece, can’t wait ti see more. Congratulations on the Star Wars challange.


Hey Nico,

Wonderful texturing thus far and I like what you’ve done with the story. Excellent distribution of materials which lead to a very well-balanced color scheme. Great job… can’t wait to see more!

  • JD


Thanks DogBreath, the star wars stuff was really a learning experience and hope i get way beyond that now. I’ll be really needing animation and stuff and is not my thing, … yet :banghead:

Hey Shadermonkey, thanks and as you may know, so much can change when you put some shading in another environment. Really hope i won’t get into too much trouble. So many shaders and so many textures it’s a hard work to change all that.



Hey Nico !

I like the look af your story, it sounds like fun :slight_smile:

Some shots looks the same, are they the same shots? I think you should avoid having shots that are to smililar. Every shot should have a big change. Maybe a other angle?


Thanks, and yeah, every shot will be different. I used 1 drawing 2 times to same me some drawing :bounce:
Once i start animating, i’ll be looking into the shots. It will be like: animating the right moves, and then doing the camera moves. Then adjusting the animation and when it’s final, do some detailing. Cause it all depends on what is possible with both characters.

So don’t worry :wink:


Great Ideea and modeling!Very nice one,and model is looking good! Best to you!:beer:


Heeey Nico!!!

Nice progresse! Its long time I din’t checked your progresse ( din’t had internet for some time and its still not fixed!)
really like those textures you used :wink: can’t wait for the rest of it!

Keep the work comming!

ps, happy new year already if I won’t speak you before that.


wow ! This is really beautiful !
Great texturing and rendering job Nico !
A thread to follow, for sure !


Hey Adib, thanks and let’s hope i can still keep up the pace. Hard to keep up with you :smiley:

Hey Arnaud, thanks man, and a heppy new year to you too! Been a huge while since i updated anything. Been a slow progress. So i seriously need to speed up. This is the time i’ll update what i have.

Hey Gpepper, thank you too. Hope i can follow up with the work. Time really is running out fast. Will be curious to see if there will be an extention to the time. Still there is so much work with animation.


Well, it’s a leg!


Nothing changed to the buildings, but added it to the environment. The elements below should explain why the environment is like it is. So no extra words needed here.


Have a look at the polycount to see the size of this monster. All thanks to some software that was released when it wasn’t even ready. Couldn’t even go back so this was the only option.


So this is Frank, from FrankAndSteam industries. He still doens’t look too much steampunk but due to fear of time shortage, i won’t do this one too detailed. Will add some detail here and there before it’s finished so don’t worry. Will still add some accesoires to the head cause the head is the same one then the one for the monster. But that head is bigger and will have some other details. Also other different textures.

Time is running out. Less than 30 days. Damn i’m so screwed here.


Great progress Nico, I think the small building needs to be level, otherwise it does’nt look convincingly real. Sorry I know its more work, the enviroment looks great, and the bot is coming along nicely.