Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Michael Rottke


Hi Carl,
many thanks.
We’re on a good way to finish but it will still be hard to be in time.
Wish you all the best for your entry.



Great animation looks really promising, can´t wait to see the final “movie” and I really hope you will finish in time.
I beleave there is still allot to do with textures and stuff but if there is someone who can do it it´s you gyes, GOGOGO and thanks.


here is the shot tracking application wir working with.
One of our friends at PXC is developing it
and let us use it for our projects.
(It might be avaiable for rent or purchase one day)
I’m personally not a big fan of project management software, as it tents to make things more complicated.
Usually I like to work with a spread sheet or a simple text.
But shotrunner is so much different and really helps to keep track and have everything in place.



Here is the final console.
We’re still working hard to finish it in time.



Your Stuff looks really good so far!
Hope you make it in time!

Good Luck!:beer:


Thanks cmdrpi. We’re all woriking non-stop to get this done in time.


Roger, redifines the storyboards.



Hi guys,

we didn’t make it. There were many issus transefering objets between differenet 3d apps
that we lost too much time in the end. Nevertheless we’re going to finish the trailer.



Sorry to hear, that you didn’t make it in time…
Nevertheless i am very happy to hear that you are going to finish your trailer anyway! :thumbsup:
That’s the spirit.


Hi Christian,
many thakns. Love your short.
We were so close 1-2 days more.

here is a little shot small enough for an upload:

(Heading now to Frankfurt fullfilling a day job)


That one was really short… :slight_smile:
Nevertheless i have one question about it.
Did you render this shot in C4d and if yes,
did you keyframe the cogs by hand,
or did you come up with a script to make them move?
Cause they just seem to be working absolutely properly.


It is actually C4D and no, I just animated a Userdata for rotation speed.
The rest is a free available Xpresso expression that I developed a bit further.

I’ll upload my version of the expression soon.



All of us in the team are a little disappointed that we couldn’t finish on time, but I am very excited at having worked with such a wonderful team. First, we will finish this trailer and secondly, can’t wait for the next challenge.

Juan Carlos


I echo your sentiments Juan. And like yourself, am ready for more.
Bring it on!


yes, we want to see it finish !


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