Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martin Koehler


Congrats to the Team… I’m impressed by your beautiful and original creation… a great work so far :beer:

I took much pleasure to watch all… trailer, making-of… and of course, especially the film… you’re one of the best for sure… I’m very happy to follow your work men… much skills, much talent… BRAVO :thumbsup:


@Lemog: Thanks for the encouraging words! :slight_smile: We put lots of work into this,
and so it is allways heartwarming to see that this is appreciated and noticed by other
people. I am very glad our little movie entertained you!:beer:

@musi: You ever doubted that? :slight_smile: Nah, we had plenty of time left… about 5 minutes
i think… :surprised
No but seriously, thanks for your good wishes!

@all: Good luck with the judging! You also did a great job!
I am really positively surprised about the variety and originality of entries in this contest!:thumbsup:


it’s really visible… you must be proud :cool:


Nice work guys! Very cute story and I liked the steam effects you used throughout it. Did you make those with fumefx or another voxel-based volumentric system? Or were they stock footage elements?


Thanks! We are indeed!:smiley:

@Tyson: Glad you liked it! :applause:
The Steam footage we used was from DetFilmsHD.
Essential we just keyframed its position by hand and composed it in a multitude of ways,
to make it look more realistic and integrated.


Very nice ! Congratz. I think the final turned out so great. You have reason to be very proud.

Good luck.


Hahah-Really nice entry! Was the steam stock? It was all excellently executed!

A result to be proud of! Congrats guys!


Great movie!!

Very nice animation, 3d, rendering and all!!

all the best to you, and good luck!


Very great work guys!

I love the detail and quality you have put into it. The story is a very solid one too.
I really liked the animation but it doesn’t seem to be equal over the whole line. But that’s just a minor drawback.
What renderer did you use? I really liked the chrome and copper shaders.



stunning, so much detail!! i love the character you brought out in him too ^^


killer entry ! great and strong character, beautifull render.:drool:

Congrats to you and your team, you must be proud of your work !



At first, I thought the sound is to weak but after seeing it the second time in the cinema it came out pretty nice. Your sound is actually quite good. Though the music is a question of taste, it compliments the slightly clumsy character :slight_smile:


Gooooooooooooood job!


Congratulations guys!
Great look! And very consistent through the whole piece.

Best of luck!


thanks a lot to all of your congratulations and all the positive feedback. were realy proud of our work maybe even because the time was running out faster than we intendet.

There a still a few thinks we want to improve on our final short but first we need to catch up a lot of sleep. :slight_smile:


After 15 hours of sleep an a nice coffee I want to thank all of you for your nice commendations and congratulations.

We are quite satisfied with ourself but we are although looking forward to determine the last little errors and produce the film in 720p.


Thanks a lot to all of you!
We are glad you like the final result :slight_smile:

its still some refining necessary but after this challenge we have all time in the world. hopefully I still can do a big part because I go to ireland next semester (yaaaaay^^)
But we are really proud of it! as mentioned I think its the first time any of us did a fully 3d animated film in this dimensions.

we used mental ray, but especially the metal shaders looked great with the standart renderer as well. long live the HDR Image^^

jup, we used steamfootage. at first we planned to shoot it by ourself
but Mr Time said no…so we came back to detonationfilms.

now after 16 awesome hours of sleep and looking through most of the other finals. I am also very proud of having participated at this challenge, because the quality and content of the shors is just great :slight_smile: I think all challengers did an awesome job here!
so, good look with the judging as well!

and of course thanks for all of the nice critiques we recieved here. If its for us please
dont stop with it. you were very helpfull! :thumbsup::applause:


I also wanted to thank everyone!
The support and feedback in this community is awesome! :applause:
It was a great pleasure to compete with you in this challenge at watch the progress of
everyone! There are loads of really good entries now and i wish you all the best with
the judging!

Hope to see you on the next challenge!

Sincerely, Cmdr. Pi


great entry! Impressed by the render quality/shaders/style/looks! It has such a nice feel to it and like I said before, the smoke looks very nice! Nice funny story too! Congrats on finishing it, you guys must be proud!

goodluck with the judging!


Hey Martijn,

thanks for your good wishes! I am glad you like our little movie! :slight_smile:
Also good luck to you, with the judging! :thumbsup: