Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martin Koehler


hmm? what’s that now?!


Goodluck to you 2 guys!! I am looking forward to your final movie, it looks great sofar! I hope you will finish in time! GOODLUCK!


@all: Thank’s for your encouragement!

We are all very positive, that we will manage to finish our short in time! :smiley:
At the moment we are working around the clock to get the sound, the cut and
some last compositings done.
Expect an update soon! :wink:


Cmdr. Pi


Please be careful and upload in time, want to see your shot finished!

Go-go! :scream:



I promise we are having nice action here!
and we WILL finish in time :wink:




above you can see a frame from our final compositing.
we are now finalizing the details, so look foward to the upcoming trailer :slight_smile:


Damned… beautiful quality of image :thumbsup:


its time for some making-of-stuff.

here you can see our production crew^^

Tin, our final actor in the middle, we had some other canidates but tin’s performance was just the best, however the other robots stayed on the set for audio recording and as cable guys.

to the right of tin we first have christian, then simon
and to the left of tin first Chris, then myself.

we really had a nice time on the set, shooting came out easier then planned and apart from the little incident with the elephant were no further problems.
even the coals were depleted just in time :wink:


Thats a nice photo of our main crew Martin!

I think the poor robot making catering was quite talentet in photography. Maybe we should give him a chance on the camera in our next project?


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

The Trailer to “Atlantis - An inconvenient Truth”

Play Video >>


superb !.




GREAT JOB!:bowdown:


very nice job!! I love the looks (shading and rendering) and the cool smoke effects :smiley: Great work!! goodluck with the judging


Hey guys, I think your character is most nice here (on challenge)!
Good luck!


thx to all of you guys! :slight_smile:
the making-of and the final short will follow in the next few hours!


Software: Maya

Here is our final entry!
have fun!

Play Video >>


Glad you guys made it…there were only 5 minutes left! :eek:


Thanks a lot Tyson!
You’re right… it was really close.:cool:
But we made it. The sound took us way longer than we expected!
And well, the upload kinda took as a little longer than we expected too…
which, by the way woudn’t have been a problem, if the compression wouldn’t have taken
a little longer than expected… :slight_smile:

Btw. we just wanted to thank you all, for your support, and your interest in our project!
This was an awesome contest! We wish you all the best. :beer:

I think, i’ll go have some sleep now… in Germany its 8:17 am and i am now awake for about 46 hours…:surprised


Cmdr. Pi, and the rest of the “Atlantis” - team


Hey, you made it!
Your little film looks very good! You did a great job rendering and compositing it, it’s a good one.

Good luck with judging!