Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martin Koehler


Yaaay, thx a lot :slight_smile:


hehe, thx :wink: im looking forward to animate him coming down the stairs. but first I have to complete the geometry of part2 of this exterior.

btw, nobody an Idea about free steam/smoke footage? we will do a shooting for this footage at tuesday if we cant find something suitable.
hopefully it will work^^


even robots dont want to walk the stairs all the time :wink:


well designed… that will be so cool for him :thumbsup:


loving it so far! It really captures the steampunk essence the lighting is great and the level of detail in this scenario is awesome… somehow I don´t think the textured version of the scenario have the deepness of the untextured one. It seems that the light is much more elaborated than it shows on the textured version. I hope this comment can help you improve this wonderful work!


you are right!
I thought about the same thing while putting this frame together^^ we have to try to enhance the impact of the lightingpass in compositing! atm its just multiplied. I would try to achieve high saturated burning lit areas and slighliy desaturated bluish dark ones…
and hopefully there is enough time :wink:

Thanks a lot for this comment! and good luck with you steampunk project!


now, the final sky and the skyline is painted :wink:


our robot in action.

the grain is still not final…we will manage to get it worse :wink:


the working place of our robot :wink:
now we will add some lighting


I love the robot character. So detailed.
And everything else aswell, great job so far.


Very nice modeling, i love the desk design and your robot design!! Keep up the great work and good luck the comming days finishing it all up!


some more lights.
working in too dark environments is band for the lenses :wink:


Hi folks!

I thought it would be nice to show you one of our first scenes,

so that you can see what we are aiming for.

You could say we entered the hot phase and the whole team hasn’t really slept in days…

i think you all know what i am talking about...  

by the way... this would be a good chance to introduce our team, eh?
  1. Martin Köhler (the guy that posted all the crazy stuff before, is what you would call our “Art Director”)

  2. Chris Hempel (“The Mean Animating Machine”)

  3. Simon Prager (“Winner Of The Poly Award”)

  4. Christian Stadach (“That’s me”)

don’t take the nicknames to serious… In reality it turned out to be the "Everyone does

everything" way.

Enough talk!

Here is the link to our animation preview:

right-click… save target as

Let us know what you think! And don’t hesitate to critisize our work!

Even though we won’t have the time to change too much…

May the best pixel junkie win this awesome contest!

Best to you,

Cmdr. Pi


This looks really great!, I Love the lighting, the mood, it just looks great! Looking forward to the final version! Goodluck finishing!


Very nice shot! Good luck finishing!


These images are beautiful… mmmh :beer: … I’m sure about the quality of next parts :thumbsup:


we are working day and night now to complete the final version :wink:

hey, we just left behind the stage of mental ray errors! and atm we are renderding, composing and animating in paralell.
we are glad you like our current state :slight_smile:

Thx a lot, and of course the same to your projects :wink:
we are really looking forward to all of the finals, great projects from quite everyone!


a flying atlantis from below.
looking forward to the sound of the rotors^^


Your work looks so promissing! The idea and all is very well integrated, cute character even. Can’t wait to see the final video.

Good luck!


Hi martin,

as I said in the elective, your animation is really cool! You have to write a little tutorial on the light setup for mental ray after you have finished the project. Good luck! :thumbsup: