Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martin Koehler


cogs inside :wink:


the little flying atlantis for the establishing shot. greeble saved us!^^


some flying vehicles will join soon.


now its the correct daytime


one side of our working room, still some details are missing.


Nice modeling and concepts!The design of the robot is very original.
Best to you!


here's a little test animation I did after putting the robot together.

Klick here to play the animation!


we added some flying vehicles and flocks of birds. there are also some clouds closer to the camera, with less opacity, to get a better feeling for the speed and so, the dimensions.


It looks like a funny twist of the Atlantis story :slight_smile:
Nice character design and modeling!

Good luck with it!


thx a lot! :wink:


This is starting to take shape and looks great so far.


we are glad you like it :wink: hopefully we can upload some new things soon.


I love character design.Now I wish you good luck with animation.


a part of another exterior scene. thats the stair down to our robots workingplace :wink:


great, thank you! and it seems we could really need luck for the animation, or at least some more time :wink:


a frame later in the shot. on the lower left will be a decorated arc.


thats the final geometry in this shot, I know we will love the rendertime :wink:


wow, really nice exterior, you gave me some inspiration. :slight_smile:


now we added some textures, the smoke is painted here. we want to do insert it in compositing later.

if someone here knows a good source for free smoke and steam footage, please give us a tipp :wink:


Very nice environment Martin :cool: that will be great with the robot…