Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martin Koehler


Martin Koehler is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Atlantis Trailer + Making-of + Final short


geeting mood and some ideas by brainstorming and painting.

our little friend here and his fellows are the pigeons of our steam age :wink:


mood again


one step in character development


another early concept


perhaps there will be little changes, but the main concept will be inside :wink:


here you can see the torso of our little friend.


It’s time to tell you about our idea.

We have choosen the myth of Atlantis and want to show you the truth about it’s sinking.
The little robot we are modeling atm is our main character and, of course, will play his role in this tragic happening :wink:

Our plan is to finish most of the geometry within the next two weeks. Which means tons of pipes, valves, furniture
and some of the exterior of our atlantis itself. Hopefully we are able to manage this in time, because our exams are in sight
and there are still some study projects running.

We hope you liked the first few images! And of course soon we will upload more :wink:


A hard day full of work really can corrode your joints! That’s why ATLANTIS FINEST OIL brings to you the best refreshment ever!


Robot, this will keep your gears working! :wink:

but we still have to work on the typo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


here is the head, still some detail is missing, but the eyeblends are working and he can move his “lashes”


Nice model,cool concept! Good Luck!:beer:


Very nice materials man…I’m looking forward to this one!


thx a lot, and im glad you like our concept, yours are really professional
good luck to both of you as well!


Very nice and interesting character design!
Good luck!


one of the robot shaders in detail, and as you can see there is a lack of crazy entwined decoration. we have to add some! frets, ornaments, applications!! how I love steampunk !!11 :wink:


an early idea of atlantis, here it looks to much like toy. For our actual story it should feel more like a cityscape.


YAY 2009! We hope you arrived well and wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
May your normals ever face the right direction and the paint on your brush tip never dry!


the back of our robot, we will add some pressure meters and other indicators.


yay, just a few details are missing, and I have to modify the joints --> time for animation is near :smiley:


The inside of the robot contains now the steam engine and rotating gears, pictures follow;)