Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martijn van Heijst


It Looks great. Congrats.


Software: 3ds max,Digital Fusion,Flash,mental ray,Photoshop

My Story is about Hermes. He is the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology.(

On a day Zeus sends Hermes to rescue his mistress Io from a 100 eyed giant named Argus. Hermes complies and goes to Argus, he sings songs to him and tells boring stories so Argus falls a sleep. When Argus is a sleep, Hermes slays him.

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Really, really good work! Awesome modelling and superb animation! :thumbsup:


thank you, i am glad you like it:D it were some crazy weeks and I am glad it is done in time. I will be away for some days, when I am back I will check out all your entries!:smiley:


you blow my mind with your awesomeness.
I loved the modeling, the details were so cool! The overall atmosphere of your entry was fantastic. Great work! :applause:


I agree, the modelling is fantastic! The scene is incredibly detailed; well done!


Nice! Amazing scenes. This definitely feels like steampunk :slight_smile:

Great job and Good luck!


Glad to see your final final man… you must be proud, it’s very well made… really appreciate how all is deisgned… I’m always very fan of Hermes… he’s just great…

Congratulations, you have made fantastic job… and I know it’s not always easy to find the courage and the motivation… but the result is here… and it’s a very good work :thumbsup:


Hey man, The final render looks even better then i pictured it would look like!!!

looks like a heap and heap of work al those moving parts and everything.

Congrats! on finishing.


brilliant work, great modelisation and render.
it’s, with Duncs’s video, the one who fit perfectly the sens of the steampunk universe.


Thank you all for taking the time to watch my trailer and thank you for all the kind words. Goodluck to everyone with the judging!


Congratulations on getting it all done in time.
As I said before, your visuals are stunning, great modeling, awsome execution, especially with the machine that equiped Hermes.
I loved he wall covered with images for inspiration, pro stuff!
Good luck in judging!


Your stuff was really good too!

good luck!


The amount of detail in all of your model are just amazing. Unbeliveble for a shortfilm with deadline like this, considering both the actual time it takes to create it, but rendertimes as well.

I really think it turned out great, and interesting Making-of as well.
Awesome job, dude :smiley:


Thank you for the kind words! I spend most of the time modeling in this project. The rendering took quite some time too (avg 30-60 min a frame depending on the complexity and the number of layers).
I am glad you liked it!

a higher res version can be found here (save target as)


I’m really impressed with the end result, it’s a shame that it is only 30 seconds. I want to see more.

hope you take home the prize! you deserve it.


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