Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martijn van Heijst


thanks, I am planning to finish it on time, will be tight, but doable.


This are some screenshots from shots I am working on, I still need to add sfx like smoke, embers, steam, etc. Goodluck to everyone finishing his/hers movie/trailer!


Yea I really like how its coming along man.



I love the shot with machinery, detailed, complex, brilliant!!
Im really tight with time, so I will probabaly go arround watching other tthreads after everything is finished…
Best of luck mate!!


Nice progress you have here,nice composition to!
BEST to you!


Nice work man! What about some render times? I haven’t read your posts (I don’t have time), maybe you mentioned them…


Thank you guys!

It takes 15-30min per frame, this doesnt include sfx passes, i still have to make and render them.


Man, i don’t know how long your movie is and what stage are you in, but at 15-30 min per frame, do you have time to render it? What machine (machines) do you have?


Because of the long render times, my entry will just be a trailer of 30 seconds, I dont have time to make a longer movie… I am rendering on 3 quad core pc’s and it still takes quite some time to finish it all, I have been rendering for 2 weeks now and I still have to render all my sfx passes…


Argh… also long ? and on 3 quads… :surprised

I can’t imagine the great result… I’m impatient… really… best wishes for the end work… Really like the style of Hermes :beer:


Your level of detail is superb! :cool:
Good luck with your render time!
Hope you get this finished in time. :slight_smile:


thanks guys (sorry for the late responce but I am rendering/modeling/makeing steam and smoke like a madman now), I am still rendering out the last sfx layers now. I hope to get it all done before tuesday… Still have to start om my making of, sound and music… Loads to to do and so little time. Goodluck everyone finishing it all up!


So much detail, what machines you got back there to render them?
Why you didn’t use your own character on this animation, the one that’s on your avatar?. It would fit the callenge perfectly.

Great stuff anyway!!


At the moment I have 2 quads rendering constantly for like 2 weeks (and when i am not modeling there is an additional quad rendering), I got some friends rendering frames for me. The rendertimes are huge. I started with 1280x720 frames, but I couldnt make it in time with that resolution so I switched back to 850x478 (quite a weird resolution i know, but i wanted something bigger then 640x360).
I dont think it is allowed to use premade models in this competition.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last days/weeks were crazy, working very hard to get everything done in time.

Goodluck these last days!


Good luck man! You can do it!!!


Thanks! back to work :smiley:


This will be the “badguy” argus, the 100 eyed giant.


I wish you good luck finishing in time!
Your work looks really great so far!
I am really excited about your finished movie.
:beer: Best to you!


To keep you guys posted: I am working as hard as I can and everyting is taking shape now. I am almost done with the movie/trailer (since my entry will only be 30 secs). I am finalizing the sound now, then I will make a making of, and that should be about it!

If I am not mistaken i still have 1 day, right? The counter says 1 day and 7 hours, but the deadline is in 1 day and 2 hours, right? I dont want to miss it, so better be safe then sorry :smiley:


this is the final trailer, the making of will be posted in a few hours.

*save target as