Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Martijn van Heijst


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Hermes


My first idea was to make an ironman steampunk version. I would love to make a steampunk version of the suit assembly by all the robotic arms. But since Ironman is not really a legend or myth, I started to look for “flying” characters from ancient legends and myths. I came up with Hermes.

My entry is about Hermes (Greek god), who is a messenger from/to the gods. He protects travelers, miscreants, thieves, etc. and guides people to the underworld. And best of all he as winged shoes so he can fly. In my film you will see how an ordinary person is transformed in Hermes (someone with a steampunk suit which enables him to fly). I also decided to go with a woman instead of a man. So there will be some suit assembly in it, but I will do it my own way.

The process starts at the bottom of a large tower where a woman takes place on a large elevator platform. On the way up several robotic arms which are spread across different levels will put suit pieces on her. When she is almost at the top of the tower, she is fully equipped, and the roof of the tower will open. She first lifts up slowly to see if everything works, then she takes of into the night.

When I have a clear image of all the shots in my head I will start boarding and upload some story boards. But until then I will spend my time modeling the environment (the tower,lift, robotic arms, etc.) and the suit.

Good luck to everyone who is also participating!!


first start on the modeling. There is still a lot of detailing to do, but the basic layout of the elevator is there.


Can you show a little the story in the soryboard ? - even very simple - just to think about shoots from beggining. This is helpfull and you will not spend time for things what will not bee seen in composition.

Nice start with modeling.


Software: 3ds max

Staszek: thnx, I have made an animatic now :smiley:

This is the first rough animatic of my film. I am not completely happy with it, will keep working on it! Next to that i have been working on some modeling. Still loads of work to do and so little time.

Play Video >>


Started to do some detailing on the elevator, far from finished. Will post some more updates tomorrow!


The robot arm which assembles the suit


The same robot but with the arm extended. The arm is already fully rigged, all the gears move.


This is the final verion of the elevator. The comming days I plan to finish the rest of the environment en work on the lighting and texturing!


Looking nice :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward for the character and the texture!

Keep it updated!


WouW !

your work look really good.

It looks very complicatet, how do you organise it? It would get lots in the details.

And is the robot arm rigged?


Qualize: thank you, I am finalizing the environment right now, then I will go on to lighting and texturing (the texturing will just be procedural, since there is no time for unwrapping everything)

Deje3D: Thanks, everything is not organized yet, I will do this when texturing. The robot arm is fully rigged, alle the gears move the way they should.



The modeling of the environment is almost done. Need to spend one more day on finishing up the robot arm part. After that I will start on the lighting and texturing (mainly procedural texturing). So much to do so little time… off to bed now!


The detail is so sick! Nice one!


Rails of the robot is done, now the only environmental piece left to finish is the robot. I hope this will be done tomorrow.


just a test :smiley: This is not the final texture.


I like your modeling style, its really similar to how I make things. I’m looking forward to seeing what it all looks like.



Nice details! Waiting more mechanic updates! )


DrFx: thanks, hope I will be able to render it all out in time, the polycount is raising fast.

ReveFilm: thanks, me too, now it all together looks like one messy grey piece, but I hope this changes when the lighting and texturing is done.

ArsXC:thanks, hope the robot will be done tomorrow!


almost done :smiley: