Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: marc mordelet


marc mordelet is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: final

Update link on vimeo :


i will work on Ulysse.
i am working on it after my job, and i will update this thread in the week end.
the models are made quickly with basic shapes, with not a lot details or textures,
only Ulysse has a displacament map.
i am not sure i will make a storyboard, because i want to be free on this project, to do and change my mind every time i want.
the head design is based on this picture of Ulysse :
and the body from Cobra :
the mood will be a mix of this 2 heros :
space adventure Ulysse


1rst animations to test the look. no dispacement for Ulysse except for the last one.
mpeg2 10 megas


animation ulysse mpeg2 10 megas 20 secondes( save target as)


animatic for poseidon. 5 megas mpeg2
save target as, or it will perhaps not play.


I really like the animation you posted. The character’s eyes are great.


Thank you !!

animatic 03 save target as


Looks like you are trying to show too many things in one time… I couldn’t quite catch the story while watching your animatic… anyway - nice job. Maybe the shot with raised weapon and hitting the robot needs some more rethinking and refinement… good luck!


Thank you kris !
in fact for the story, there is no one in this animatic. that just quick test to see the characters/world in action. nothing else.
i am about to finish the story for the trailer, and i will begining the process to make the reel shots after.


I like it. I think the camera moves way too much in some of the scenes. It’s very 90’ies “yay we got 3d, lets move the camera!” hehehe. The designs looks cool, especially the giant in scene 2 or 3 which goes face to face with the ulysse(?) and jabs his jaws.

keep it up, and you’ll be done in 4 days. :scream:

nice man


it looks very good, congratulations!!!


Thank you All !!!

1rst test of the horse run cycle. not correct for the moment ! :slight_smile:
save target as on the pict for the mpeg2 (2 megas)


new test for the horse.
right click on the image, save target as . mpg2, run time : 13s
or right clic here :


Hey man. Love the style and the lighting you have going on! Are you going to do the entire short in black and white? Its almost got a marionette, shadow puppet feel. Very VERY cool. :smiley:

Im no animator (far from it!), but Im sure some people a little more qualified will be able to make some more technical suggestions to the run cycle. From my end, I just feel like it could use more weight. Its a mechanical device, and is moving to smoothly for the silhouette its depicting. It feels like it should be a little…slower…more bulky. Weather that means bending the legs more as he lands, and putting more pressure on those leg springs, I dunno. Like I said, i’m no animator, so take what I say with a pinch of salt!

EDIT-Just took a look at your portfolio…man! You are a legend! Your FREAKS image WIPS have been my background for about 4 months now! I change them occasionally, but always come back!


runcycle 3

save target as :

Hi Pyke, thank you for your comments, not sure it will be full black and white. i am working on that… i will decide it at the last minute :slight_smile:
i think you have right about the horse, but there was a point you couldnt know :
the horse dont run on the ground :wink: but yes, its not very good animated, i am newby in animation, and i will update this shot.
i am glad you love my freaks ! i am following your great steampunk thread in secret, and will comment it soon .


1rst test for a sword with fire ( low res ) the shot is at the end of the animation tests. save target as :


animation test. Save target as



another test shot at the end.
save target as :



Very good! The head look like real!


Very nice strange fealing! Good style and atmosphere! My advise keep it black and white.:beer: