Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Ah yea…that does seem to make it a bit vague eh. I think the rules page might need to be cleaned/clarified a bit based on that quote. Since that says “after the closing credits”, whereas on the other page the finished video goes after the making-of…hmm…


GLENN -> Thanks for your good words Glenn… I hope your wife appreciate this work as you my friend…
…no soucy, I’m sure the MAGIC will be for eternity with us !

Christoffer and Tyson -> thanks men for your informations…
I saw it’s not only me… sure it’s not very clear ! :surprised

At this step… finally I’ve made yesterday night the making-of… :banghead:

and mounted all 3 film together…
1) the trailer with sound - 2) the making-of without sound - 3) the Film with sound

the total make 5’55"… I hope like that all is ok ?

I will see…

best of luck for your finishing guys :thumbsup:


Software: After Effects,Maya

Here’s now the final final final… I hope :wink: huhu

with the 3 parts…

  • a trailer of 30 seconds

  • a making-of of 1mn 30sec

  • the film of 3mn 55 sec…

…and I wish a very good finishing with their last steps for all the other challengers !

Play Video >>


yupppppppppyyyyyyy…first to say congrats :bounce: that`s so great mate glade u did finish it :wise: been so happy watchng your progress all along …congrats again u did an amazing job


Hello Laurent…Glenn told you but I will tell you myself. Yours is the absolutely greatest Steampunk. I just love everything about it. I sent link to my son, my sister and friends, They love it also. I knew it would be the best from the first I saw the little steampunk animals.
I love your Paris Fair work also!
Your work makes the world a better place: Good feeling emanates from it.
Thanks for the opportunity to see your film
Jessica (“Mrs. Sprit Dreamer”)


Morning Lolo!

Yes, now you’ve really finished, I really like the style of your “making of”, nothing to add…so it’s time for some big congratulations for your wonderful work!:beer: It was a pleasure to have you in this challenge and I just hope you had so much fun creating this as me to watch your progress - and of course it is fun to read on the first pages that you just want to make something quick and simple…and now look at this thread:D .
The post of “Mrs. SpiritDreamer” is so sweet and I can only underline her statements…

Have a great start in the week!



Nice !
Maybe some music on the making of would be cool…


YES ! You got it …:thumbsup:

you succeed in finishing this project !

Bravo, bravo my friend.:applause:


Tony -> thanks a lot to be often the first my friend… of course, a challenge will be very different without you,
and especially without your “keep going”… and that works !

Jessica (“Mrs. Sprit Dreamer”) -> glad to see you here Jessica, I’m particulary honored by your comment of course…
It’s to early for me to have a true opinion about my little film…
…I think it’s not the best, but the most important, is to progress, to share a passion with many people,
and to have fun… is spectators could feel that… the mission is complete !
Thank you so much for the visit !

Sabrina -> yes… the pleasure to be another time with you all was incredible for me, and I take an huge pleasure to participate.
Thanks to you, to the team… to the friends… an one thing is sure, I certainly don’t finish the challenge without your support !
I don’t know if I will be able to participate to a future challenge… but I really like these periods…
Thanks Sabie !
Ok with you, I remember my wishes in first… to do something very different, very simple…
and finally… it’s again too Lemogish…

Gilles -> no man, in the rules, they said no sounds for the making-of… I made it in first with sound… ;-/
…I prefer with sound… huhu

Dominique -> merci Dom’… et oui… un de plus… j’en suis quand même le premier étonné… surtout avec les autres projets en simultané ;-)))

I will post soon some links for those interested to watch these films in larger size… :smiley:


My Congratulations! It’s really big work.

But for my opinion the rythm of the film is too slow…(( And the soundtrack could be more interesting.


hey that looks lovely, really interesting style, if i was you though i would limit the writing a little bit more, or make it smaller, i think it distracts too much from the gorgeous aesthetics, your too busy reading the writing to take in all the work behind it, and a lot of the writing isnt crucial, i found it hard to look at the writing as well as the images.
Just a suggestion though, it looks really good! and i love the full film :slight_smile:


Hey Lemog,

In the rules it says you can have music in your making-of…just not voice.

You might want to add some in and re-post your final, eh? :slight_smile:

** Video entries (whether team or individual) wishing to be considered for an award(s) are encouraged to show off the skill(s) in a silent (no dialogue – background music is OK) ‘making of’ documentary immediately after their closing credits. There is a maximum of 90 seconds allowed for this in addition to the Video.


uh ?
c’est dommage sans son… on a envie de passer…

au moins y’en a qui suivent !

Tyson seems to be right ! Music Man !


Heleb -> thanks for your advices Helen…
I don’t think there’s too much to read… hahaha… no ? maybe…you know, it’s just for fun…
I think it’s not serious, like me… :scream:
…but you’ve certainly right… also, I think it’s a bit late for me. :shrug:

Tyson -> thanks for your help Tyson… definitively, my english is far to be perfect, I’ve each time to much probs for understand correctly…
I go to repost it !
Unfortunetely, the version with sounds was in the trash… of course ! :beer: hahaha

Gilles -> je suis toujours trop nul en anglais… je crois que c’est foutu pour moi !
j’aurais vraiment dû aller à l’école ! :banghead:


Software: After Effects,Maya

Thanks to all my friends who take the time to explain me clearly the rules…

now… it’s really the FINAL VERSION… with the music for the Making-of… without voice, and not to high of course… :wink:

IT’S FINISH FOR ME… hahahaha

Play Video >>


Ahh… so now you’re truely finished - congrats! And I think the making of really adds to the whole - to be able to see all your wonderful creations up close, coming together… :love:
And as always, it’s so inspiring to follow you thread, to play along with you and the team - could it be any better?

And now, go open a bottle of champagne :deal::beer:


As many people here said, when I’ve planed the first version, that was too fast to really watch perfectly each mechanical animals… and that was not false I think… but not sure of course :scream:
Thanks a lot for your remark :beer:


Probable you’re right… anyway - you’re the Director


There’s no such thing like “too Lemogish”:wise: , it’s also your very own style that makes the charm of your work…

I will post soon some links for those interested to watch these films in larger size…
Well, I’m very interested!

Congrats again for the final-final version:D …

Have a great day!



This has been an amazing project - and an amazing thread too! The result of it all is a wonderful piece of work. Congratulations!

I love the humour and great style you put into your film. And I love your delightful designs for both the animals and the ark. And the ‘Making Of’ section was excellent too - I really liked seeing those bits of the work that went into it.

This has been a real joy to watch. Good luck, and thanks for providing us with so much inspiration and wonderful ideas.