Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


… the renderings are going fine I hope? Good luck in wrapping it up now!


very nice effort! just 1 small crit if i may,the shape of the baloon is abit to deflated i think and abit more boat feeling would work ,scale wise,as i feel you trying to show to much in to little spaces maybe.just my 2cent cant wait for final result GL dude!

well... if many people give me the honor to talk here... I must reply... kind and polite, just normal...
thanks to stop here Damir :thumbsup:

giraffes are animate… then… no soucy :smiley:

yep Tony… but that will be not enough… also remain composition, and sounds…
I need much good Keep Going actually… even if it not remain much time to finish, the most complicated for me actually is to find the little time to complete the last operations…
we will see… thanks man !

fine ? I don’t know… but the last images are finished now… that will be sad to doesn’t be able to do the final piece… I will do my best !
Nice week for you miss…

I think you’re right man… too much… it’s often me :banghead: hahaha
even if in the first time of challenge I’ve decided to do something simple !
Well… I’m especially here for the fun (I don’t saw what price are in game !) and to be with many simpathetic people here… the most important so.
About the baloon… don’t know, you certainly right, of course at this step, I know I couldn’t be objective… and as it remain only 8 days until the end, I don’t have more time to test other things I think… I will be oblige to finish now with what is already done… too short :shrug:
In any case, thanks for your good advice for sure… :beer:


Software: After Effects,Maya

Well… after many days of silence, many days without posts, many days of renderings…

…it’s time to post the almost final animation…

all images are calculated… all is composited… and the sound is here.

I think that will be really the final version because I don’t have more time to dedicate to this challenge… I must continue on my other personal projects :wink:

I’m waiting your final advices… before to send this one or not…

While waiting, thanks to you all my friends, for the support and especially for the great fun here in this challenge… THANKS !

Play Video >>

Play Video with music and sound>>

I don’t know why, but the link uploaded don’t have sound, if you want to hear the good version, take the second link of course :thumbsup:


hey Lemog! Congruats on finishing! The last shot is great.Nice Ideea with the animals at the end!You did a nice style on the project.Looks Very good!Maybe the water needs more work,but the rest is looking nice.



Il est totalement fantastique! Ma grand bravo pour vous. :applause:

Vous devriez être fiers de vous. Vous méritez de gagner, félicitations!


This is wonderful work and I enjoyed much watching the video:bounce: !
No advices or crits, I like every shot of it…and of course I’m very happy about the end!
The only thing I miss (also with the second link) is the version with sound and music…so I’m waiting patiently for this…But what I can for sure say so far: I love it!:love:



really cool mate… amazing , u know it gives u that feeling when it`s rainning outside and u are at home lol …I think this is cool as a final :thumbsup: whatever ur decision is I support u my friend :bounce:


Hey Laurent,

Simply awesome, love the great and unique style on your animation! :smiley: That is an amazing art work!! You deserve a big, big tequila bottle :smiley: Cheers my friend!! :beer:



You are a one man Production House!

I am blown away!


 Thanks master Adib... Okay with you about the water... that was the first time I do that... and not enough time to redo each details not very perfect... but another time the exprience was great :D
Thanks a lot Peppie... proud ? I don't know for the moment... I must wait a little... and watch this work in many weeks to be more objective.... but one thing is sure, I'm happy to complete... especially while working in the same time on my other projects...

Glad you appreciate the final Sabie…
well… very strange this problem of sound !
Sounds and music are very important in the film… I hear the sound when I download the second file !
I don’t know how to arrange that… very disturbing, especially because the final animation must only upload in FLV !!!

Thanks for your always incredible support Tony… that was great for sure !

Thanks for the bottle… I always need much of these staminas :beer:

huhu… thanks Ricardo… I just hope sounds works next time !

[b]MMMHHHH… very disturbing… anybody have the sounds in this video ?

… I have few days to find the solution… :hmm:


Morning Lolo!

I would also like to know if it is just me with the missing sound, I tried it again on other computers, with other players, no sound for me:shrug: …I can see that there is a audio layer in the file information, but I can’t hear it…very strange indeed, especially because no one else have mentioned something about the sound! So I’m waiting for more information, I’m so eager to see this complete:) …

Have a nice day!



Yep, I’m missing sound too… :shrug:


Yep… very strange…

I’ve re uploaded the file… if you want to test it :wise:

Thanks by advance :smiley:


I’m waiting impatiently your final advice :buttrock:

and don’t hesitate to push the volume :cool:


Ahhh! You’ve made it! Already finished - with time to spare, much impressive :bounce:

I really like this little film of yours, the sound, which works fine for me, sure adds a lot to the whole. The ending is funny - totally unexpected. When will we see the next episode? :smiley:

Much congrats to you, this has really been your theme and I wish you all the best for the judging.

Bravo, Studio Lemog! :applause:


Wheeee:bounce: ! No it works! And of course the sound makes it even better…just the little bit more to make it perfect for me. The story was a great idea, I love the steampunk style of the boat and the animals and all the wonderful details you’ve added:love: …much fun, much style and the pleasant surprise at the end (thank’s for saving them all, I’m always in need for happy endings;) ).
So just see that you get it uploaded and send it on it’s way with all my best wishes!



I agree with this one! :beer:

Now sound works, it’s great!


Thanks a lot Gunie… I’m very happy you like this little animation… until the end, I was not very sure to be able to finish it… well, it’s done, I’m happy too… It’s not very usual for me to do animation… and this one is certainly the best I’ve made… of course not the top, due to many reason, but I’m enough satisfied… it’s a progress for me I think… I’ve learn much…
Thank you for your kind support along this challenge… and along all my cg works :love:
Next Episode ? maybe more Noah missed in the World’s fair :smiley:

Thanks for your appreciation Sabie… as I said, it’s better with sound… and unexpected, the style of music could appear too much different than the story style… but I think it’s original, even actual and that works.
Thanks to be always here… with your kind words, your good comments and advices…
Now, I think I can send the Final File :beer:

Thanks mate… now…; I can continue on the other projects :wise: no rest :banghead: hahaha


It’s wonderful. I love it. And no problems with sound for me either. In fact, I thought the sound track was superb. Like Gunilla said, the ending is funny and also unexpected. Definitely no crits from me. This animation has been an amazing piece of work (and this has been an amazing thread too). Congratulations


Thanks Mark, I must said that was also difficult to manage with all other projects… a bit hard sometimes, fortunetely with much pleasure… no regrets :thumbsup:

I will try to upload a larger version for the FINAL… soon…