Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


End of Round # 14.:eek: …DING DING…Saved by the bell…:bounce: :scream:

GOOD LUCK LEMOG.:thumbsup: …Whatever the outcome, it’s been a real pleasure and joy experiencing this OUTSTANDING experience that you’ve created…:arteest: :slight_smile:


i saw ur progress and u r doing so much work here , great progress , keep it up :thumbsup:

merci mec... on va essayer que ça dure :scream:

Hahahahaha… funny dude… not at this point :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot man, I really like the design of your MUD, just hope to see soon his modeling :buttrock:

Thanks a lot Glenn… I really like your latest sentence… the magic alive… I just hope that’s the goal of many of us… the most important finally… even if it’s a challenge, it’s before a great sharing :love:

Thanks a lot Ahmed… I hope the final result will be also interesting :blush: hihihi


Today, I post some shots of the Plan #5, first arrive of the train.

Now all wagons with animals are in place… animated.


I hope you like the integration.
Depend some part of the image, animals could appear with strange lighting, in fact, as there’s many street lights, with the animation, that enrich the animals shapes…


Finally, that make enough animals, more the animation will be to long…


Here’s comes the mordillo’s giraffes ;-))


A last shot with the last animals of the train…

next times, I will post some shots of the Plan #7… the second plan with train.


Ah, there’s the whole bunch together, great! These shots make it not easier to wait patiently for the animation:bounce: …



I will try to post the first animation at the end of week… but for the moment only the first… not with animals… sorry :shrug:
even me I’m impatient to really see the result… maybe that will be awful animated :wise:


looking at all the shots and animals…i can imagine how much fun u having doin this contest haha…
Keep 'em comin dude :smiley:


That is one beautiful line of animals. It all works and fits in superbly with the look and feel of the work you have done so far. Wonderful stuff :thumbsup:


Ahh, that’s great! All the little critters lined up like that - very nice. It’s all coming together well - but what about that secret final? Can you give us a hint? :wink:


Hi Laurent,

You have a huge thread here :slight_smile:
Renders look very good, and those bits of animation you have posted are too. Like the humor in it, and style. Wander to see the finished film!

Thanks for visiting our thread :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Mark… I was go for an another simplier project… and the feeling make the rest…
…absolutely not pressure in this case… only fun… just a bit sorry to doesn’t have enough time. I was out for the previous challenge… but it’s a real pleasure to be here with you all… a great place to share !

I can’t say more about the final… even me I’m not sure… especially depend of my remaining time…
My priority for the moment is animation and renderings… it’s atcually working ! certainly until the end of the next week…
and following the remaining time, I will do the choice between my 3 ends…
a hint ? well… don’t know… this final story was singing by “The Pogues”… (mmmh, I don’t know if that help :scream: )

Huge I don’t know… but thanks… it’s always much pleasure for me to see people appreciate my project… event if there’s much other more great project around.
I’m impressed by the talent of certain people here… sincerly… and it’s good for us of course, that permet to progress a lot each time…
Thanks to stop here with your good words Alexandra, you’re welcome :beer:


Hm…“If I should fall from grace with god” would be a good fit for the whole story:D , but for the end, let me guess: “thousands are sailing”!?:bounce: I want a cookie if I’m right…



a hint ? well… don’t know… this final story was singing by “The Pogues”… (mmmh, I don’t know if that help :scream: )

The pogues? An irish band, no less. :smiley: . Allow me to think… hmm…I’m guessing it’s not ‘The Turkish Song of the Damned.’ …so…maybe…?

Sitting on Top of the World?

How about…

The stars will turn to rust
And drop from the skies
And everybody will soon be asking you for more
And everybody will be telling lies…?

P.S----Love the ‘Finding Nemo’ fish. :smiley:


huhu girls… :scream: you’re hard with me… a last help… The Pogues album is “Hell’s Ditch”…

…nothing more now… especially because nothing is sure… :argh:


Morning Lolo!

Well, I just can’t resist:rolleyes: …“Rain Street” wouldn’t be a surprise, the “Sunnyside of the Street” could be a nice change…but my best guess is “Squid out of Water”, ok. enough, but this is a nice way to wait for the next updates:D !

Wish you a great day!



Morning Sabie…

yes… a good way to wait ? or a good wait to keep the pressure on my shoulders :scream: hahahaha

I’m a bit late with the renderings… but anyway I will post this morning some shots of the Plan #7, it’s the second plan with the train…

I’ve added one new plan… when the door/cage of the boat open… short :

seq 01 - 10" - DEC 1 - large plan - it rain… to discover the environment… the weather… the lighthouse turn

seq 02 - 10" - DEC 2 - middle plan… immerged church, it rain, the level of the sea is growing (ding-dong)

seq 03 - 10" - SB 1 - zoom - discovering the steamboat with only movments of the sea - nothing more

seq 04 - 15" - DEC 3 - travelling of the lighthouse to the street

seq 05 - 20" - CHAR DEC 1 - cam1 - the train start to arrive

seq 06 - 10" - SB 2 - close view of the steamboat… propellers starts

seq 07 - 25" - CHAR DEC 2 - cam2 - back to the street, again the wagons

seq 08 - 10" - SB 3 - zoom - steamboat, balloon inflate

seq 09 - 4" - SB 4 - ocloser view - opening of the door-cage of the steamboat

seq 10 - 10" - CHAR DEC 3 - cam3 - large plan of the street, then environment and the boat… the train comes of the street until the steamboat

seq 11 - 15" - CHAR DEC 4 - cam"4" - middle plan… entering the animals wagons inside the steamboat

seq 12 - 10" - CHAR DEC 5 - cam"5" - middele-large plan + rear zoom - lock of the door-cage - steamboat starts rear propellers

seq 13 - 25" - CHAR DEC 6 - cam3 suite - large plan - take off until the steamboat will be far… and explosion…

seq 14 - 25" - final plan final - always the SURPRISE :wink: