Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Does a steampunk dove fly out of the exploded mountain holding Noah’s arm like a branch of peace?

la surprise? Est-ce que le steampunk colombe vole de l’explosion? Elle porte Noah les bras comme une branche de la paix? :smiley:

(p.s- I’ve finished mine- you need to catch up now! :p)


Great progress since I was here last time… Nice work Lemog!! :wavey:



I downloaded your animatic, I think that’s the latest one.

I’d say you probably don’t need shot 2 at all. Shot 1 and 2 are pretty much the same idea, don’t repeat them. Each shot should convey a different idea to the viewer. I’d cut out shot2 completely.
Also cut on the action, it’ll leading into each shot better, basically, don’t have the characters exit the screen completely, and have nothing there for so many frames.



missed alot:cry: but I guess more is coming so I`am very happy:bounce: …keep going my friend :arteest: “fast”:banghead:


I can’t say more… it’s not totally decided… I’ve 3 different ends in my mind… but no choice for the moment…
The one I like much need some more work… and I don’t know to have enough time…

I saw… but… already uploaded ?

Thanks Mate… I hope that will advance well now…

Thanks for your comment my friend… in fact, I’ve made this animatic only to validate the speed of the train… even if I keep certain framing… it’s not definitive, especially because the timing will be very different… remember… there’s 18 wagons + the NoahMobile to pass… it’s quiete long… and certainly I will be the 2 animations… When arrive the train / when leave the train…
I hope that will be better for you next time…
Thanks for you interest Martin… now it remain me to prepare the real train animation, with all the wagons…

more ? don’t know… I only hope to finish…
I start an another personal project next week… of course, that will be again more hard to manage all ! :banghead:


No, not uploaded yet. I’m still giving myself some time so I can look at it with new eyes later…thanks for your kind comments in my thread, though- and look, I put up the easter island picture just for you with more work done on it! :smiley:

No matter what you decide for the ending, I look forward to seeing it…unless it’s too sad…:cry:


it’s always better, not easy to be really objective after long time of work on the same image…

Thanks a lot dear Peppie… you remember easter island was also one of my projects… and sincerly, yours was very well imagined !

If I can make the third idea… that will be not so sad :thumbsup:


First anims are actually rendering…

here’s some first shots as examples… while waiting the animated result in many days :scream:

Plan #1 - when we discover the poor environment and the bad weather

Plan #2 - the floating church…

Plan #2 - ding-dong…

Plan #4 - lighthouse to the street

Plan #4 - lighthouse to the street - discovering the buildings…

Don’t know why… but why it’s always raining in this film ? :scream:


Looks great! I really like your floating church.

Don’t know why… but why it’s always raining in this film ?

A reason for Noah to put on his rubber suit? :smiley:


Hey man,

Really nice to see that you’re breaking up the film into multiple shots. In the original animatic it was just one long shot, and although it was nice, we missed a lot of the detail you modelled. Now with the cuts and closeups, we’re gonna get to see it.



I like the atmosphere in pictures. Impatiently waiting to see the animation :slight_smile:


Absolutely beautiful!
Love the color palette and mood, looks like a watercolor. Congrat!


Very nice renders !

:slight_smile: I can’t wait to see more.


Wow, I cant belive you guys have come so far already. Your definatly at the top of the short list for getting through. Great work.
Lemog, If you have the time, Id like your opinion on the composition of my still entry, Im thinking of changing the camera position and need an external eye. :slight_smile:


Sure dear… sure… but not black :scream:

In fact, in the first times of the challenge, with my lack to spare time, I’ve decided to participate with just a simple creation… not to do many different animals, and add things in the environment… just something fast, funny with just one camera…
…and finally, detailing is always stronger than me… but now, I’m not totally sure to finish in time… I have too much other projects today in the same time… and a job… and a family :scream: hahaha

I hope to post a little animation next week… glad you like my project :thumbsup:

You have right… some colors… but much water :scream: hahaha
thanks a lot…

Thanks a lot Dennis…


Morning Lolo,

I was so eager to get rid of my final, that I’ve seen the last additions only now , so I’m a little late with the cheering…no crits at all, just great to see the details with environment, the floating church is a good idea and I can’t get enough of this charming lighthouse:) . I hope the rendering makes good progress - and that you’ve solved your heating problem:scream: , it’s so terrible cold…

Have a great start in the week!



Morning Sabie… it’s finished for you… cool image for sure !

It’s in low progress, even if it’s more fast for the steamboat scene… for the moment, I don’t start to integrate and animate the animals in the whole scene… I’m in the texturing of the Vieux Paris… not easy to be everywhere…

Not yet… fortunetely, the last night was less cold that the previous week… normally, that will be repared tomorrow morning…

Nice resting week for you :wavey:


Nice progress here :wink:

Like it as you know …


as always no day passes without seeing your thread I guess it became part of my day

1-wake up
2-Lemog thread updates
4-Lemog thread updates…etc

cool updates and your keep going for today :arteest:


man, this is huge.