Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


En lemogais:
Magnifique! Mais j’ai un crit. Je voudrais faire de l’eau un peu plus sombre. De cette façon, vous pouvez le voir dans les environs un peu mieux. Mais vous êtes le maître ici. :slight_smile:

Great! You’re going great guns on this one (I have no idea how to translate that into french, sorry!) One crit though- I’d make the water a bit darker, it would put more emphasis on the train/boat area… but you are the master here. :smiley:

proche de la fin! :beer:


I don’t know if this vehicle is really good… but one think I like with it, it’s the funny look…
that put a smile on my face… almost if that was not me the creator :banghead:
so strange… huhu

Mici… mais c’est pas un peu trop fouilli ?
en même temps… c’est du Lemog… hahahaha… nawak…

I don’t like much the smoke… in fact, that react too differently following the framing and place… I will be certainly oblige to render it alone…

huhu… nice language :smiley:

No idea how it’s in french… and also no idea about the sense in english :scream:

You’ve totally right in this point…
I’ve made some little lighting changes… and that affect much the water… I must think about that for the next renderings… thanks Peppie… and courage for your bull :beer:


Software: After Effects,Maya

Little animated test to see how work the new speed…

…as asked by all… slowerrrrrr…

I think it’s enough, no ?
I could integrate the 18 wagons now… the scene is already very heavy… I don’t want to imagine when all animals will be inside together.

Strangely… in first times of the challenge, as I don’t have much time due to the expo project, I’ve planed to do something very simple… quickly done… not many animated animals but similars cages on wagons… with still animals…
I’m far now of this desicion… why ? but why ? ;-)))) huhuhu

Play Video >>


An animated shaded wireframe…I’m fascinated:) !

And it really is slowerrr, indeed painfully slow when you try to see it on the server…I had to download it and found out that the speed is perfect now for average viewers:wise: …

So you keep the suspense high here, waiting impatiently for the animated bunch of animals!



I’m far now of this desicion… why
Hehe, I could have told you this before:D


hahahaha :scream:

well… maybe that could be more comfortable to download the avi :


Thanks for advices :wavey:


As I forget to show how was exactly Noah now… I’ve made a wallpaper with him and his vehicle… I hope you like :wink:

click on the pic for the larger version !


Salut laurent

Aaaaaaaaah, j’avais pas vu que tu participais à ce challenge
Tain c’est pas possible, t’as kidnappé les lutins du père Noel, pour faire ce challenge
Nickel le mouvement du véhicule…:wink:
Bonne suite

PS: la flèmme qu’écrire en anglais…:smiley:


C’est donc pour ça que j’avais compris rapidement ce que tu avais écris :scream: huhuhu

cool que te voir fair un ptit passage ici… à poutche… et meilleurs voeux à toi :thumbsup:


Wow! Lots of great updates here now. I like the Noah diver in white, very distinguished. Also the Noahmobile fits very well in the scene now.
And finally! The speed for the train works well now, what is it, a third of the original?

Quoted for agreement :smiley:


Hehe, nice to see Noah and his vehicle in detail, very good and the character looks like he is made for this scene:thumbsup: …thanks for the wallpaper:)



It’s really good i think you will finish it in time :wink:


Great updates, its almost finished!

Good luck!!


NoahMobile. Genius. :applause:

It’s stunning the amount of stuff you’ve gotten done for this challenge! I LOVE the overall look and feel of it! Can’t wait to see it finished! I’d wish you luck, but looks like you’ve got it covered, like yazguen said, you probably have your own little Santa’s workshop going! :wink:


2 times more slower… I’m okay with that speed… thanks for the council…

hahaha… so class… the Diver as his place everywhere :scream:

well… not totally sure… I’ve write the new story… 13 differents scenes !
that will be just :curious:

huhu… almost :beer:
if I have only that to do as personal project :surprised but one thing is sure… I will do my best… thanks Thiego :applause:
and congrats for you challenge, I really appreciate how you present your wips :wip:


huhu… Santa’s Workshop… that will be a good theme for the challenge… another one :scream:

Thanks for you wishes… I’m not totally sure to be able to finish in time… but anyway… even if it’s not finish… I will post something…
…and as I said in first time of the challenge… it’s for the fun and the pleasure to be here with you all… all very talentuous girls and guys :bounce:


Here’s the New StoryBoard… without pictures… I don’t think to have time to illustrate it,

but many of you all know very well the universe of this project… :wise:

As I said before… now… that make 13 differents plans…

12 describe below… and the last one… wich will be a surprise for you all (for me too :scream: hahahaha)

seq 01 - 10" - DEC 1 - large plan - it rain… to discover the environment… the weather… the lighthouse turn

seq 02 - 10" - DEC 2 - middle plan… immerged church, it rain, the level of the sea is growing (ding-dong)

seq 03 - 10" - SB 1 - zoom - discovering the steamboat with only movments of the sea - nothing more

seq 04 - 15" - DEC 3 - travelling of the lighthouse to the street

seq 05 - 20" - CHAR DEC 1 - cam1 - the train start to arrive

seq 06 - 10" - SB 2 - close view of the steamboat… propellers starts

seq 07 - 25" - CHAR DEC 2 - cam2 - back to the street, again the wagons

seq 08 - 10" - SB 3 - zoom - steamboat, balloon inflate

seq 09 - 10" - CHAR DEC 3 - cam3 - large plan of the street, then environment and the boat… the train comes of the street until the steamboat

seq 10 - 15" - CHAR DEC 4 - cam"4" - middle plan… entering the animals wagons inside the steamboat

seq 11 - 10" - CHAR DEC 5 - cam"5" - middele-large plan + rear zoom - lock of the door-cage - steamboat starts rear propellers

seq 12 - 25" - CHAR DEC 6 - cam3 suite - large plan - take off until the steamboat will be far… and explosion…

around 150" -> 2 min 30 sec

seq 13 - 25" - final plan final - SURPRISE :wink:

Of course, these durations are only indicative… some of these plans are new… I don’t made test… especially with the new train speed…


gosh you’re so fast - every time I visit there’s like a pile of pages that have passed me by :slight_smile: Great, great!:wip:


en lemogais (:smiley: ) :OOooh, un surprise! de quoit s’agit-il? :wink:

in clippish: oooh, a surprise ending! what is it? :smiley:



The storyboard seems to be very good, I have the pictures in mind and can roughly imagine the parts…exept for the surprise of course:p
No updates this morning, so I guess you have the same problems with the server in the video category:sad: …

Nice day for you,



huhu… I don’t know if I’m fast, but one thing is sure… I have never enough time to do all what I plane !

huhu… I can’t say anything… it’s a surprise (just hope that will be a GOOD one :smiley: )

In fact I don’t know… I don’t have time for update, I’me very late, busy… and I have probs of heating at home since monday…