Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Ahaha! The giraffes are really cute now - can’t decide if it’s them or the pandas that are my favourites…or perhaps the elephants. Well, they are all very good, each with different style.
Hope your christmas was fine and I’m glad you’ve managed to get some work done too :slight_smile:


Hello Gunie…
I’m happy you like these giraffes… in first, I was not sure about their style, not the only ones very funny here, but of course less steampunk :scream:

Yes… some work here, but that will be hard to manage all… I’m again more busy with an another project (I will post some news soon on the expo thread), and finally, I will take few days of holidays this week… totally without PC :surprised

…and cocks comes soon :thumbsup:


Normally, I must do again one another beast after this cock…
but with my lack of time, finally I don’t know…

for the moment, that will make 16 wagons + NoahMobile… it’s already good… not ?


If I decide to do a last, maybe that will be a monkey…

or a snail… that could be funny…


A last shot…

Next time, I must show you the NoahMobile… almost finished :wink:

I hope the design will be adapted…


technical problem… now that works :shrug:


Great Modeling :slight_smile:
i really like the look of the Giraffe :slight_smile:
the coq is nice also, a bit french i mean :smiley:

can’t wait to see this noah Mobile :slight_smile:

keep it up sweety !!


Hi Lolo,

seems you had not so much rest, I see a lot of new work here! Really nice texturing for the elephants and of course these giraffes are a highlight, can’t wait to see them enter the steamboat, very funny and a nice Mordillo homage!
The cock looks not really happy, curious to see him textured, and of course I want to see the Noah-mobile!
If you have time for only one more animal I would vote for the snail, save the snails of this world:D !
And you’re serious about a few days of holidays without PC:twisted: !?



Normal, not ? :twisted: hahahaha

hhmmm… maybe it’s due where the key was placed :blush: huhuhu

Huhu… maybe that could be an homage to zapan :smiley:

Nothing more serious ! really ! all is possible !
I will be just obliged to work again more when I will be back ! hahaha
Remember, I’ve planed to finish all the pieces of the challenge for the end of the year… hard !
Just now the question is snail or not snail ? :beer:

Nice day for you…


Haha, snail would be really funny, and as you say hommage a Steph :smiley:
Cock is also cute, perhaps a bit sad as Sabie said, but who wouldn’t be in that weather? Will he have a hen or is he going solo?

Scary thought, you without the PC! It will be good for you and for the family. The boys are getting quite big now, maybe teach them some 3d?

And now - the NoahMobile :applause:


Cocks are now textured… a bit flashy… but under the rain, that could works…


Maybe with these colors, they appear less sad :wink:


Colored like that… they could be at the end of the train, maybe…


A last render… nothing decided about snails…

…but maybe I can advance on the animation… and eventually add at the end more animals if remain me more time…


hmm… you point a good thing… there’s finally not enough difference between both…
I will try to change that for the animatic… tomorrow so…

Well… sometimes, that could be great… 3 days totally dedicated to walk along the sea… followed by hot drinks… :beer:

Only the younger of 4 have the creating breath… I must be patient :smiley:

Yep… tomorrow morning…

it remain me only 2 evenings of work :smiley:


Now the first parts for the NoahMobile…


The final size of the locomotive will be approximatively the same than animals wagons…


A last render…


you deserve/need a few days off after all this work …

hope you have the time to finish it off by the close. It will look quite amazing i think …


huhu… yep… but after all that… it remain me the other Expo 1900 project… rest is not really planed…
…thanks for your words Simon :thumbsup: