Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Noah’s ark !


“When comes electric life”…comes to me as more close to a theme to you …but also what can i say …electricity fascinates me…:wavey:


I know you like much animals… as the pioupiou !

Of course… it’s more “me”… but less in topic… cruel dilemn…


I love the Moai birth idea- that and the Noe Arch:: both sound like they would make great videos, but I have a feeling you’d probably enjoy doing the Moai birth idea more…


Thanks Paper… as you know… my dream was do make one day a transformer… and it’s a bit like that for this story… also the one with Jack…

but the Noe Arch could be more funny I think… but I also could transform the boat in robot… !

Well… the more difficult part of these challenges is always the first choice… after that made… all seem very easy :scream: (as find time… huhu)


Good luck Laurent :wink:
And Noah’s ark for mee too.


I agree with u Lemog…Noah`s ark would be cool and funny :applause:

… but I also could transform the boat in robot… !

that would be cool :beer: :cool:


…I agree with you! Noah’s ark it is then!

I can’t wait to see steampunk camels. :smiley:




I don’t know if they will be very visible in the film… I imagine a very long train… too long for the boat :scream:


…teensy steampunk camels, then? Ah well, whatever you do, it’ll be grand! :smiley:


Hi Lemog, it will be great to see your work, I hope you will have enough time for this and Paris reconstruction… Good luck :arteest:


hey !

for me that’s the #2 or the #5 of course :slight_smile:

what do you think about it ? :smiley:

(when you wrote “the red button” i’ve thought about the Red R5 … you know what i mean ? ahahahah :D)


Ah, already some good ideas I see! Just from the feeling I’d prefer #3, the start of ‘electric life’ is a really great topic, but not so easy to visualize…and a lot of potential in your other ideas of course.



Oh - tricky choice… am I too late for a vote?
I really like the #2 a lot, could be some of the mother nature mood perhaps? :love:
But the others are also very promising, and for sure the 5th would be practical for you to choose… but maybe not so challenging?

Noah’s ark is also a good one… hmmm, decisions, desicions!


Oh un Lemog en CGchallenge ! ca faisait un bail je crois non ?
Tu t’accordes une petite pause dans ton énorme projet ? :banghead:

Content de voir que tu passes par la case anim, ça risque d’être intéressant.

A bientôt par ici Laurent.


Yes, I’m ok with you… I have the total visualization of all the scene, the only problem is the size of the scene… that risk to be too large, with of course to much details to do… but for his one, I can’t say totally no…

No Gunie, it’s not too late… you’re right about Mother Nature, I don’t think in first… with the stones.

But in fact, I think the idea “more” in the topic is certainly the Noe Arch…

Hello Cyril… cool you’re here too… no… I don’t take a break in my project… I can’t cause I must start the production film of the Vieux Paris in next february… and I’m far to have finished !
But I will try to participate anyway… for the fun, and again for the pleasure to be here a little with you all… that remain me so much good moments with the past challenges !


aya tu m’oublie dans tes reps ?
jui véxée :(:curious::blush::cry:



Hey Lemog,

Good to see another familiar name here, good luck with this and have fun.



L man is here, So nice to see so many known faces from my first ever challenge M&S.
I think Im going to drop by more often to this thread…
I want to start video thread to, have some ideas, but, three unfinished cg challenges in a row dont look to good for me. :banghead:


hello Lemog,

remember you from past challenges, looking forward for your great models. Good luck!