Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Juraj Molcak


GREAT DESIGN!Great animation and very nice ideea!
Best to you!:applause:


Nice charcter animation and great style! Congrats on finishing your piece! Looking forward to the more “moody” one like you stated it!


@ adib, Martijn81 - thanks mates, you both created nice entries. I am especially happy to see positive feedback on animated part of my entry. I am currently rerendering almost whole character animation since the one in submited entry is rendered at 12 fps thanks to time pressure.


Overall fiasco of this entry surely is one of the things that made me write my complaints over at announcement thread. There really is more but I said enough there. Now, for all the hard work done for it and for all involved in this entry I would love to know why this did not get some respect from the judges… Is it because of unfinished render look? I mean, I thought a lot about Myths, Legends, Steampunk elements, Story… worked hard and pro on Concept Art, Art Direction, Animation in order to bring something that could highly meet the challenge theme and rules. Now it is ignored all the way. I can see only good comments left around this thread and it is hard to believe them for me now. Call me a whiner but I really don´t understand this thing. Yes, it is not cool render, but that is not everything what count here… or is it? Thanks.


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