Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Juraj Molcak


greate entry start ! i like your style , concept and very nice storyboard.
Good luck!


Love your entry art style. There is really no other project in this challenge that will look like yours. May be this will even play a huge roll in the judging process.

PS: Also adore your idea with progress meter. Very creative! When I first saw it I even thought to myself “Damn! Why I couldn’t think out something cool like that?!”


Very nice style and concepts! I like that one with short hair,is more crepy.:thumbsup:
Best to you!


I Like A, but i think it would look better if the eyes where more centered.


Check this, I have Bathory and Iron Maiden and now… The Doors :slight_smile: I think I will use some guitars for my soundtrack.


Animation beginning. Yes, I know it is 20 days to deadline.


Nice one bro…can’t wait to see it in motion!


Just keep swimming… Animating continues, I am a bit affraid about time for rendering tho, well, maybe some miracle around deadline will happen :slight_smile: Anyway, can?t work too much on it during the regular week so hopefuly some more updates comming after the following weekend. cyas


wow the doors looks amazing.


This looks really good. And the style is great too! Looking forward to more!


hey ur look is different and looking good…
the lady character is also nice…
keep goin on…

feedback me also.


Software: After Effects,XSI

Something like finished :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Will check it out in a minute…but I just quickly wanted to say I’m happy to see you entered!!! You made it in with 4 minutes to go :smiley:


Oh man, I lost the sound from trailer somewhere in the middle of converting… What a Challenge, What a Challenge :argh:


Just watched it (not sure why my last post appears above your finished entry)

The version I had had sound…so don’t worry :)…edit: nm, was looking at the wrong part :wink:

I thought it was great! Had a very Burtonesque feel to it, and the animation was great…looked like stop-motion in many parts. I especially loved the small details like the bulging tube, and the little spirts of blood that shot up in various places. Great work!


Wonderful work, as usual!
Yep, no sound for the trailer - so better upload again. Also it would be fun if you did the making of part as well - it could give you more possibilities for awards.
Good luck!


Hey folks,

So, the challenge is over. Yeah it was real challenge. Half an hour before the deadline I thought I am not going to submit anything since the postproduction is far away from finished. I uploaded what I had, just to show you that I wasn´t unproductive during the challenge. At the end, I found human body to be real machine ( we don´t need to even dring from that well, Tyson :smiley: ). I will continue to work on the postproduction to have it good for portfolio so you may awaiting new, more moody version around the end of this month. Don´t want to work on it too much, better to move to new project. Speaking about that, I think I am over with CG Challenges. I want to focus on real personal projects since those shows took me more than 18 months of personal life from past 3 years. To be fair, I think I professionally grew with projects done for them, so thanks for it. I believe my girlfriend is going to be very happy I am finishing :wink: but seriously, she was great supporter during all of my challenges so BIG thanks to you, Ludka! Also, the great musician, my cousin Peter is priceless speaking about challenges. He never asked why should he work for me. He just made some of the best soundtracks in all previous challenges. So, few facts about this Bathory project at the end. I see you around here next time, I believe as a follower not challenger. Or judge, LOL…

Bath * Or * Y
the steampunk age

based on a legend of Elizabeth Bathory, the bloody countess

Software used: XSI 7.01, AfterEffects CS3, Cinema 4D R 10, ZBrush 3, Photoshop CS3, CorelDraw X4

Hardware used: HP 6600 Workstation with 2 x Xeons 2,5 GHz 8GB Ram and Quadro FX 1700, with a little help of my good old P4 2,8 Ghz 2GB Ram GeForce 5600


I seriously think the absence of you in the next challenges will not be un-noticed. You showed a skill that shines in every part of the whole process. It’s a gift. It truly is. One novice like me can only dream of such skills.
And as far as the thing about the challenges: i can understand the way you feel about it cause i feel the same pressure. Once you are obsessed by the creation of it, you live for it. And you loose eye on people around you as well as loosing an eye on yourself.
I have learned a lot with the challenges, and would love the learn so much more. I finished my lousy first challenge, then hooked off at the 2 behind them, and finally finished another challenge. It’s only after the challenge that you see more about your workflow - for me especially - and will try to focus on that the next time. It’s a way you try to boost your skill, but at a cost.

Cheers and i hope to see your private works around here.
Great entry


great animation, and beautifull design Juraj !
i like the style of your character :applause:


oh, what a sleep it was last night…

@ ivanisavich - yeah, but important part is sounded so I just hope the 30 sec trailer isn´t the point where judges are closing their players :smiley: Glad you enjoyed the animation.

@ Gunilla - Thanks sis’. Well, it was impossible to reencode everything in 4 minutes. The administrators where so focused on deadline for animators this time. Close to the end I started to really think the project is under the control of Bathory, where she is a puppeteer and I am the puppet. Strange experience to work on the legend based on real historical character it was.

@ Nothingness - wow, thanks man for nice words. IMHO - the thing is, the more skills you get the more complicated your future projects are. So I guess there is never enough time for challenging artists.

@ visionmaster2 - Thanks, I was very focused on overall design of this projects what took some extra time I found missing at the end. But hey, I have some solid base to finish this in short time with good portfolio quality. Your entry is great. It feels retro, like Metropolis maybe :slight_smile: Very cinematical.

Good luck to you all!