Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Juraj Molcak


@ Intervain, Goul, Pyke - Thanks for the votes folks. I myself was considering between the middle one and the last one. Maybe the E looks more like a vamp thanks to her prelongated face. Will see more in fullbody sketches I guess.


I vote for C… Excellent designs.


Good luck man :wink:


I was actually going to vote for the last one, but the middle one would work fine too.
The Iron maiden concept is really cool - and as usual the way you present your steps is charming. Keep going like this!


Hi Juraj,
So you finally chose the Countess Bathory story. I didn’t know about her but reading her story in Wikipedia gave me the creeps! I think it is a great topic to develop in a short steampunk story, she is an impressive character. I couldn’t avoid thinking about Sweeney Todd with all and the myths of her bloody baths. Can’t wait to see the progress. Good luck!


Steampunked heraldry


The iron maiden’s extension :slight_smile:


Really awesome style you’re developing here!


@ djfilms, REZI-st, ivanisavich - Thanks!

@ Gunilla - Thanks Gunie. As I said, I will see more in fullbody sketches, so the last one always has a chance. Glad you like my wip presentation :slight_smile:

@ kaparo - hey, welcome to my thread! You made me watch Sweeney Todd by Burton yesterday. I am a big fan of Burtonish world but this time I was a bit confused at the end. It was way too bloody to me. But the legend itself could feel the same as Bathory for sure.


Elizabeth - prefinal character concept. She is going to have dressing gown in few shots, but that is just a minor part :slight_smile: The horned thing is actually a wig, will go off too.



some of your concepts id be happy with and see as finished works :stuck_out_tongue:
i especially like the iron maiden


Here is lil sneakpeek. Hope you folks can wait for the main screening with whole story I have based on the legend of Countess Bathory. By this legend in order to stay young she took the baths made of virgin’s blood.


Nice…and I think I understand what’s going on in the boards…she’s yelling into that metal funnel on the side of the tub that acts like an intercom when the sound travels through the pipe? I’ve seen those before…and I guess she’s calling for more blood :smiley:


This probably is first steampunkish model I’ve ever made :slight_smile: I think I will go with slightly deformed objects this time.


very nice progress ! Keep posting with this style and quality :wink:


@oneandonlyDiscoStu - glad you like it. All concepts I presented so far should be in final animation, so I hope you will see them finished.

@ivanisavich - hey Tyson, no spoilers here please :twisted: :applause:

@REZI-st - Thanks, will try to keep them both.


Hey, nice start :thumbsup: I like the way it goes… keep it goin :bounce:


mmmmmmm…nice candle… and bigfacemachine is lovely too… waiting for the lady;)

never give up!:slight_smile:


Bathtub almost finished. Few things are waiting for ZBrushing (dragon parts, ornament) but now it is time for the Iron Maiden!


it looks very good, congratulations!!!