Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: indranil sen


The Final Avatar (Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu.

Is “The Destroyer Of Darkness”.


Hey good to see somebody doing kalki !!
We have also based our story somewhere around the incarnation of god according to hindu myths! But we still are not sure haha…
good luck with this challenge guys! so far…quite good, but am wondering if u guys are planning to make all 10 avatars? :curious:



We are not planning to make all 10. Though first 9 will have a brief intro.

We are going to post storyboard soon. Hope you will give your view.


Kalki’s Modelsheet.


Kalki’s Vehicle of Annihilation.


Kalki’s Tools.


The Vehicle of Annihilation.


The Machine


Pretty intense and complex stuff!
I am very excited to see the finished piece!

Best to you,

Cmdr. Pi








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The Suit.


Hey, thanks man! I have seen your nice concepts. What software are you using?
I utilized Maya for modeling , XSI rigging , Cinema 4d rendering.



You really did your study thoroughly. Im not to familiar with Hindu mythology, so your thread was fun to go trough!
Im curious about the storyboard.
keeping my finger crossed for the final video!!



The Mecha Suit


Software: 3ds max,combustion,Maya,Photoshop

Not done yet.

Still Working…

Play Video >>