Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Helen Rathbone


This is really taking shape.
I am very excited about your finished product!
Hope you make it in time! :wink:

Good Luck,

Cmdr. Pi


ok, with 10 minutes to go, at 6am… we finally admit defeat :stuck_out_tongue: we had the film finished, but for some reason our sound wasnt exporting, so we couldnt put the two together. Oh well, maybe next time, will post what we had anyway tomorrow if anyones interested, congrats to everyone who made it!


Oh no! You guys put so much work into this :frowning: Sorry you couldn’t make it. Would still like to see what you had!


Very sorry to hear, you didn’t make it… what you had so far looked pretty good.
And i absolutely agree with tyson: I would really like to see what you have so far!


Sorry to hear that… what a deception :cry:
why you don’t post the film without sounds… I know that make less finished film… well…

I hope you show us anyway the final film soon… I was really very interested to see your work… :drool:


aww thanks for the concern ^^ a bit gutting really considering ive been editing it solidly for at least 3 weeks! but it was the most fun project ive been able to work on, nice and refreshing from the mainstream topics we are given at uni so i loved doing it! your entries are all stunning anyway, i wouldnt have stood a chance ;D will post it later today :slight_smile:


oops posted that in fayes name not mine, oh well!


ok, first i wanna apologise for the quality, didnt know where to upload it other than youtube so its looking pretty awful, and its squished it, its meant to be 16:9 lol.
The story is that as shes walking through the woods she hears a horrible wailing sound from the banshee, it is based on the irish folklore, some said banshees would use silver combs to lure people in. We wanted to create a new world, and suggest that this short is just the beginning, the world has been torn apart and this is simply one of the creatures that has been unleashed.
I know its very unprofessional looking in comparison with the other entries, but im happy with it considering we had just 3 people, and limited resources. It would be a lot better with the sound too, we will work on that :slight_smile:


Héhé… not bad for sure… even if the format and the youtube quality don’t permit to really appreciate your creation… anyway, it’s very interesting and original… good vision… good mood…
…again, sorry you could’t post it in time…

…anyway, good continuation in your future films :thumbsup:


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