Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Gabriele Rossi


Yea !

It looks cool, keep it up.


thank you!

we are working very hard to finish it before the deadline…


final design and color tests for ASH!


Software: CINEMA 4D

here is the animation of another scene involving MUD!

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Software: After Effects

this is how our trailer begins!

a steampunk Jerusalem, in a world where coal and steam won their battle against oil and gas…

still a work in progress, though.

we have to complete a couple of models and animations and paint some more textures…
we also need to balance lights and composition, so that the sign “jerusalem coal ltd.” becomes the focus of the image.

what do you think?

just finished the animations and materials for the first robot, I will upload them as soon as we have the renders!


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thank you!

hard days right now…

but we can make it!



Software: CINEMA 4D

here is the making of, soon the trailer and the complete video!

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I forgot to mention that the music for the “making of” is from the original motion picture soundtrack of “300” by tyler bates.

the score for our trailer and the final video was written and executed specifically for this challenge by carlos zarattini, a member of our team.

soon the final upload, we are running out of time!



hey folks,
you can find a higher quality “making of” here:

(still testing new ways to upload, sorry. I’m worried for the final one… :slight_smile: )



Software: After Effects

The Final Video!

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Software: After Effects

The Trailer!

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ok guys, that’s it.
This is what we did in our spare time and long sleepless nights during the month of january, while we were busy keeping Bonsaininja Studio, our dayjob, alive. We entered this challenge very late, it has been really hard but we’re very happy with what we did. Some of us were deeply involved since the beginning, others came helping in the last few days while this little bugger was coming to life. We want to thank everybody for all the efforts they put in this madness, hoping there will be more to come…

We’ve also seen a lot of inspiring stuff and incredibly gifted artists in this challenge, great videos guys, really. Hope you are going to like ours, and good luck to you all for the contest!

The music playing during the “making of” is an exceprt from the motion picture soundtrack of “300” by Tyler Bates.

EMET - the golem myth

a story by:
Daniele Bonaiuti, Fabio Legnani, Massimiliano Pareschi, Gabriele Rossi, Dario Spinelli.

PostProduction Team:

Massimiliano Pareschi - Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Tracking, Compositing
Dario Spinelli - Rigging, Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting
Nicola Rossi - Modeling, Texturing, Animation
Gabriele Rossi - Matte Painting, Compositing, Animation, Editing
Nicolò Pozzi - Tracking, Modeling, Texturing, Compositing
Federico Mattioli - Tracking, Compositing
Marco Biglioli - Modeling
Bruno Maremonti - Modeling
Alessia Beccia - Compositing, Editing
Beatrice Lissoni - Compositing
Riccardo Bertoni - Modeling

2D Artists:
Daniele Bonaiuti - Concept Design, Typography, Graphic Design
Marta Monelli - Character Design and Art
Davide Elli - Storyboarding

Carlos Zarattini - Composer, Sound Designer
Chris Blake - Voice

Production Team:

Fabio Legnani - Production Manager
Chiara Valente - Production Manager
Marco Sirignano - DOP
Anita Oran - Costume Designer
Valentina Ghilotti - Assistant Producer
Riccardo Legnani - Actor, Menthor, Mascotte.

Thank you all.
Good Luck.


Software: After Effects

The Trailer
The Making Of
The Final Video

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you made an amazing works guys !
long live to your studio !



I liked integration od 3d/live Good job!
btw are you that old :wink:


Awesome work!! awesome work guys!!!

Grandi avete fatto un lavoro pazzesco l’interazione della cg con l’acting è perfetta.

In bocca al lupo :buttrock:



after a couple of days of deserved sleep I can finally say: thank you guys!
we’re glad you liked it!

and no, we’re not that old…
well, actually, after all this we don’t look that young anymore, but still the oldest of us is 27!

the actor is riccardo, the father of fabio, who kindly offered to act as the main character…

e crepi il lupo, emiliano. grazie mille!
(e speriamo di poter continuare a tenere alta la nostra bandiera, come già voi avete abbondantentemente fatto da queste parti!)


Congratulations to the team!!

Amazing work, very impressive!
Great, live action, 3d, compositing, matte paintings, everything!!

good luck to you!


congrats on finishing! it looked GREAT! the 3d/live footage integration looks very nice, the opening matte painting looks very nice! great job guys!

Goodluck with the judging!